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fishflash 01-04-2013 19:23

Hello From SW FLA
I've been shooting handguns casually for years, revolvers and semi autos. I finally tried a Glock 19 9mm at the range. I really liked it. Mulled it over a while and here I am with a Gen 4 19. Ready to hit the range in the AM. I gave the gun a little of my favorite lube, Breakfree CLP tonight. Checked that the ejector and spring were the updated ones. Good to go. I also installed a Crimson Trace laser grip. Some of you will probably cringe at the idea of a laser site, but I have them on several of my guns and really like them. So, I'll be sighting that in tomorrow as well. They have off switches and I do practice without their aid as well. But for personal protection, I'm all in.
Oh, with the shortage of ammo being the norm these days (at least around here) I made sure the range had plenty in stock too! So, I hope to add to discussions on this board from time to time. G'nite.

jph02 01-04-2013 20:09


skeeter7 01-04-2013 20:59


RPVG 01-04-2013 21:19

I have a laser on my G30. Fortunately, I've never had to use it "in earnest". Don't use it on the range, either. Mainly, I just drive my brother's cat crazy with it. (Yes. Unloaded and cleared.)

Anyway... welcome aboard!

bac1023 01-04-2013 22:08


mymini40 01-05-2013 17:55

Welcome to the forum!

Raven1967 01-05-2013 21:30


ca survivor 01-06-2013 08:05


oily_oink 02-02-2013 10:02

:welcome: From Michigan!

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