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SoldMyHat 01-12-2013 21:50

New Glock 22 gen 4
Hey guys,

So I originally ordered a 17gen4 to be my first handgun on Dec 21, but my LGS was very unsure of when they would be able to fulfill the order. So I called them yesterday after work and asked if it would be quicker to get a 22. Well, they had one in stock, so I told them to hold it for me until this morning. I had started second guessing the decision to get the 17 since 9mm ammo is almost non-existent here right now, but .40 is very easy to find. Being they had one in stock and no ETA on the 17, I took it. :supergrin:

mad220860 01-12-2013 21:58

Very nice!! Ur gonna love it congrats!! Love my 22!! You can easily get a conversion barrel and shoot 9mm!! And have both guns essentially!

lyodbraun 01-12-2013 21:59

Congrats.. Looks good i think you made a good choice... Enjoy it.

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Folsom_Prison 01-12-2013 22:00

Congrats, enjoy!

jeremy1 01-12-2013 22:04

Congrats! I really like mine. Cant go wrong with any Glock!

SJ 40 01-12-2013 22:06

Congrats ! I love my G 22's. SJ 40

bennie1986 01-12-2013 22:07

Congrats!!! I would have to say this worked out for the best for you in the long run. I have a few of each, only one is a glock, but rarely carry the 9s.

Raven1967 01-12-2013 22:14

Congrats on the G22!

SoldMyHat 01-12-2013 22:47

Too bad all the JHP ammo was WAY too high in the stores. I settled for some WWB 180 gr FMJ until I order some from Sportsman's Guide online. WAY cheaper.

FLAHOTROD 01-12-2013 23:35

Congratulations. I think in the long run you will be glad it worked out lie this. As mentioned earlier, all you need is a conversion barrel to have a pistol in both calibers. Can't convert the G17 to .40 caliber. I ordered a .40 cal to 9mm conversion barrel for my Gen4 G22 a couple of weeks ago and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.

skyboss_4evr 01-13-2013 00:33

Congrats! And nice pics, too!

Bigpoppie50 01-13-2013 00:35

I really like mine also, it is one of my home defense weapons with an Insight M6 Tactical Light/Laser combo.

g2122 01-13-2013 07:36

Congrats. You've made an excellent choice.

Agsuper1 01-13-2013 10:25


Originally Posted by mad220860 (Post 19855769)
Very nice!! Ur gonna love it congrats!! Love my 22!! You can easily get a conversion barrel and shoot 9mm!! And have both guns essentially!

Did the same thing. Ordered mine from Lone Wolf a week ago still no eta. Got a feeling it may take a few weeks to get it in.

SoldMyHat 01-13-2013 10:30


Originally Posted by skyboss_4evr (Post 19856277)
Congrats! And nice pics, too!

Thanks! Nikon d5000 with 50mm f1.4g :supergrin:

beforeobamabans 01-13-2013 14:45

Congrats on a great purchase, especially with hi-caps being threatened. I owned all Gen3s until I bought my 23 in Dec 2011. Love the .40 and the Gen4.

Buy a few more mags if you can find them.

Legacy Shooters 01-13-2013 17:39

You will love it, I just sold my gen 4 G22 to go get a G23 gen 4. I love the gen 4 package and think u will too.

LarryNC 01-14-2013 12:19

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy :supergrin: The only Gen4 experience that I have is my model 26 and it has been 100% now after ~2,000 rounds through it. As far as the availability of 9mm ammo is concerned, here in NC I have seen the same thing. Both now and in the past. A few years ago when there was such a drought in ammunition, I would ask the man or woman behind the counter if they had any .38 or 9mm and the answer was always the same. They would step aside and show me the almost empty shelves. They had rifle ammo, they had a good selection of .22 LR and a few boxes of .40 S&W. One time they had a few boxes of .40 S&W and a few boxes of .357 Sig. They sold out of the Sig ammo, but they always had .40. Which showed me that the 9mm was still in big demand. Enjoy your new addition to the family.

SDGlock23 01-14-2013 19:16

Great choice, great gun.

Mike-M 01-14-2013 22:17

The G22 gen 4 is a really great piece. But forget about getting it a 9x19mm barrel later...get a .357 SIG barrel (G31). I like my G31 gen 4 than any other Glock or any other defense handgun I've ever owned (more than 30 in 25 years). It's almost like having a hand rifle. :-)

Plus, there's not as much demand for .357 SIG ammo, so it's often available in places where the more common (but lower performance) calibers have been depleted by panic buying...though it'll never be cheap.

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