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recon 01-13-2013 08:51

Ruger Finally Steps Up!
Easiest one to do people! Do it!

yipchoy 01-13-2013 16:48

re: Ruger letter
Done and done.

bushhogg 01-13-2013 17:12

Got a EMail from FRONT SIGHT this morning, that address was with it....Very easy to do and in 3 min. there was 6 letters going out...GREAT POST>>>THANKS

WayneJessie 01-13-2013 18:06


Originally Posted by recon (Post 19857158)

done deal!

Libertarian71 01-17-2013 23:28

Thanks for the post. I completed it, and emailed the link to at least 20 people, with a request that each of them complete it and email the link to 20 people.

vtbluegrass 01-18-2013 10:26

Thanks the link. This is an easy step all of us should take. I encourage everyone to also write a personal letter or make a phone call to your representative in addition to these form letters.

FL Airedale 01-18-2013 11:55

I forwarded this link to a bunch of my freedom loving friends. One of them doesn't even own a gun but he supports the second amendment.

CanMan 01-18-2013 14:54

Thanks & done.

daishi 01-18-2013 15:14

Will do when I get home. Thanks.

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Pepiot 01-18-2013 17:54

Very Impressed with Ruger right now, not so much in the past. Although I do own more Rugers than any other gun manufacturer. Thanks recon.

UtahIrishman 01-18-2013 18:02


Road Dog 01-18-2013 20:31


Gen3 fan 01-19-2013 15:32

have a Ruger done it

Scott3670 01-19-2013 17:24

Done. I love how simple it was.

xfarfuldog 01-20-2013 15:12


OMEGA5 01-21-2013 15:26


aptrpl6 01-28-2013 18:44

Done! I have a sudden urge to buy more Rugers now!:supergrin:

Shepherds_Hook_47 01-29-2013 08:19

Almost seems like fun

Dusty1972 01-29-2013 13:50

Done....did it!

slosh 01-29-2013 14:06

Done, can anyone show me how to put on facebook

matt_lowry123 01-29-2013 17:24

Just did it!!

shane_huskey 01-31-2013 14:33

I think it is very important to ensure that you keep in touch with your elected officials, if nothing more than to remind them that you are paying attention and that your next vote will be influenced by how they represent you. That being said, I sat down and took the time to pen something out to my legislators (Rep. Duncan, Sen. Alexander, Sen. Corker) and President Obama.

President Obama,
Senator Alexander,
Senator Corker,
Representative Duncan,

It is regrettable that I should have to write a letter such as this, but I do it out of a very serious concern that legislators are not capable of solving real problems and instead cloak the problem to make uninformed people happy, all the while pushing their own agenda. The recent events in our nation are true tragedies and something has to be done to help prevent catastrophic events like these from happening. It has been said, from multiple sources, that Senator Feinstein has plans to propose another "Assault Weapon Ban" on 03Jan13. This is not how you prevent crime. In her eyes, an "Assault Weapon" is pretty much any weapon that looks "scary" regardless of functionality. What she, and plenty of the rest of your colleagues fail to realize is that these "scary" looking weapons do more to keep us safe than to harm us. The FBI website clearly shows that there are very few intentional murders every year using what Senator Feinstein and others consider to be "Assault Weapons" and what you don't ever hear about is how many homes are protected by these exact firearms. Taking these weapons away from law abiding citizens will only ensure that they will most certainly have a lesser chance of survival against a criminal that will not follow the "Assault Weapon Ban" when he decides to enter a home unlawfully. Criminals don't care what laws they break. When a criminal kicks in a door with intent to rob and murder, the crimes he has chosen to commit generally carry a more serious penalty than a gun crime. All the while the law abiding citizen pays the ultimate penalty as he is no longer able to protect himself and his family from crime. Instead of attempting to ban firearms that play a minimal role in crime comparatively, perhaps we should put these firearms in the hands of qualified Americans in a real effort to make a change instead of all but guaranteeing a rise in crime if something like this is passed. I urge you to research the numbers during and after the 1994-2004 "Assault Weapons Ban" concerning weapons that were banned during that time. Crime went up during 1994-2004 and has steadily dropped all the way up until now. How can this be if an "Assault Weapons Ban" prevents crime? Taking weapons away from the populous does not guarantee that we will live in a safer society, in fact it does quite the opposite. Not only do armed citizens protect themselves from domestic enemies, but foreign enemies also. A large part of the fear other nations have for us has very little to do with our military and quite a bit to do with our citizens ability to protect themselves. Imparting regulations on these firearms, or any others, is not only irresponsible, but dangerous.

Very Respectfully,
Shane Huskey

I think that using the premade letters does help, but I think that it is also a good idea to write something more personal. I have received a response from both Sen. Alexander and Sen. Corker, but nothing from the President or Rep. Duncan.

LubeckTech 02-02-2013 10:22

The Ruger link is the easiest way I have seen to contact the parties concerned that I have seen so far. It is important to follow up with written correspondence to your senators and representatives as well. We need to keep the pressure up (that is what the opposition is doing) or we will lose - just because it looks like nothing MAY pass is no reason to become complacent!! Sending several, stragetigically spaced out, short (1-2 paragraphs) letters covering a single point are better than one long letter. Phone calls are good too but little is as impressive as a flood of mail. Numbers are important here and short single point letters generate better statistics. If possible send a picture of you and your family the idea to let them know that "The Gun Lobby" is not a faceless group but real people.

kussor 07-04-2013 20:51

well, they had to do SOMETHING to make up for Bill Senior selling us out in the assault rifle ban days.

Fungunner 07-05-2013 04:01

I am a more direct approach kinda person, in that, I write, call and email my 'reps'. While I admire Ruger's efforts, I can't help but picture the offices of representatives and senators looking upon so many form letters as junk mail.

It's increasingly frustrating when I know my two democrat senators represent their party and Obama, but not me.

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