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24601 01-16-2013 10:23

opinions: dual illuminated RMR with or w/o BUIS
hey guys,
i have g32C is currently arriving at Mark Housels place today to install a trijicon RM05 dual illuminated rmr.....I'm not a fan of electronics which is why i opted for something that would work without me worrying about batteries/failures....anyway, i'm still debating on whether or not to install reasoning is that I don't feel that i have to worry about the RMR failing and that the BUIS might clutter my sight picture a bit when looking at the RMR....i've googled plenty of rmr sight pics to try to make up my mind....

my question is: how hard is it to actually acquire the dot once you draw your weapon? do you feel that it's more difficult without BUIS? if it sn't as easy as i imagine, then i probably will add BUIS just or that reason, but i'd rather keep things simple if possible....

any input is greatly appreciated....

GRT45 01-16-2013 11:51

If you have trained extensively with iron sights, it will definitely make the transition to the RMR sight system easier and less frustrating in the beginning to use the BUIS and take advantage of muscle memory already developed from thousands of reps presenting the pistol. Just draw and aim as usual with the iron sights and the dot appears. After you get more experience with the RMR system, the BUIS will become less important.

I'd also suggest reading the opinions in the following thread at about the advantages of BUIS with tritium inserts together with the RMR from some operators with great experience and proficiency with the RMR-equipped pistol.

Personally, I have BUIS with tritium front and back with the RMR (RM07) and wouldn't have it any other way on one of my pistols for CCW and home defense.

24601 01-16-2013 21:01

thank you for the information and the link....i think i'm going to go ahead and install them....

MaximaDrvr 01-18-2013 18:27

I am doing something similar, and figured I would ask here as opposed to starting a new thread.

Rear Iron Sights: In front of, or behind the RMR?
My slide is being send of next week to Mark, and I need to decide before I send it.
What are people's opinions?

GRT45 01-19-2013 15:29

For my subcompact Glock, there was no question in my mind that the better arrangement was the rear backup iron sight mounted in the standard dovetail and behind the RMR. There were a few reasons upon which I based my decision:
  1. Moving the rear iron sight in front of the RMR sacrifices a large percentage of the sight radius distance on a subcompact pistol that is already short.

  2. The tall suppressor sights are intended to be functional backup sights in case of RMR failure. BUIS in the standard locations leverage the thousands of repetitions and long hours of training that one has practiced with iron sights and at the maximum possible sight radius for the pistol.

  3. Tritium lamps on the front and rear suppressor sights are a definite advantage to orient the pistol quickly in low light and get the red dot on target. I've tried it both with and without tritium lamps in timed exercises. Any part of the RMR that momentarily obstructs your view of the rear tritium lamps as the pistol is drawn and presented is a disadvantage in my opinion.

  4. If the rear sight dovetail remains stock, the pistol can be returned to near stock function and appearance by removing the RMR and installing in its place a slide cover plate custom milled for the slide cutout.

Here is a link to opposing arguments from GT member JakAttak for placing the rear iron sight in front of the RMR.

I can see merit to some of the points he made, but I'm entirely comfortable with the decision I made and will repeat the same configuration on my next pistol RMR installation. Don't bother checking for opinions. They all run the rear iron sight behind the RMR over there.

24601 01-19-2013 16:29

very well put...

posted from my phone while doing 90 down the highway...

MaximaDrvr 01-19-2013 21:56

I will be installing the RMR on a G35, so I have plenty of room on top.
There are pros to both ways, and I'm still not sure which way to go.

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