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crash_gsxr750 01-18-2013 20:53

Just ordered ghost 5Lb tactical connector and orange plate
I don't plan on doing any polishing of components, I'm planning on tuning the over travel stop and try it like this

Is this a good plan, anyone else shooting the 5 lb connector this is my first attempt at modding my glocks

I'm thinking of putting it in my G34 or G21 ( my G34 is standard 5.5 lb connector it's blue box)

crash_gsxr750 01-19-2013 05:58


thetoastmaster 07-19-2013 19:18

How did it turn out for you?

crash_gsxr750 07-20-2013 18:25

Waste of money

thetoastmaster 07-20-2013 20:06

How's that?

cciman 07-20-2013 20:22

subtle isn't it?

Hard to tell a difference?

People make money selling these "connectors" all day long. :whistling:

Trigger time and range time, + a polish job, will be equal to these aftermarket connectors.

crash_gsxr750 07-28-2013 05:55


Originally Posted by thetoastmaster (Post 20477059)
How's that?

Didn't function 100% like my factory glock connectors do

Put a 3.5 connector in my g34 and it runs like a clock

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