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fortheboys 01-19-2013 14:54

New toy
Just picked up an older P229, 40 cal from original owner that had work done to it by Bruce Gray with documentation. Came with Heinie straight 8 nite sights too.
I am NOT going to say how many mags I got with it though or what capacity :)
It's in great shape and goes well with my German 226.
I just need a MS SS2 to go with it now.

countrygun 01-19-2013 14:58

Congrats. Great gun and Bruce's work is top notch.

caponec2 01-19-2013 15:31

im also in NJ.. if you ever want to sell it let me know.. i may be interested at a future date

Scrappy 01-19-2013 15:50

Very very nice~!

m2hmghb 01-19-2013 15:59

Up to 15 rounds is still legal here, for now at least. Very nice pistol.

Bruce M 01-19-2013 16:36

A great addition!

bac1023 01-19-2013 17:02

Very nice

Congrats! :cool:

steve1911 01-20-2013 00:38

Great pistol.


SevenSixtyTwo 01-20-2013 20:47

It's a beautiful thing! Good find!

caponec2 01-20-2013 23:37


Originally Posted by m2hmghb (Post 19885915)
Up to 15 rounds is still legal here, for now at least. Very nice pistol.

15 17 20 30 33 whos counting

skeeter7 01-20-2013 23:46

Congrats! :thumbsup: I love my P229 in .40 as well.

ca survivor 01-21-2013 06:32


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