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faawrenchbndr 01-19-2013 15:01

I just got railed!
Have you been railed...........? :cool:

sawgrass 01-19-2013 15:16

Nice gun! Congrats Faa!

crazyasian1 01-19-2013 15:53

Color me envious!

faawrenchbndr 01-19-2013 16:03

This is my 1st DW........I am rather impressed!

The Fed 01-19-2013 16:17

NICE!!. Whose build is that? But of course you know that it now is an assault gun, right?

faawrenchbndr 01-19-2013 16:23

It's a DW......4th one made! :exercise:

Navitimer 01-19-2013 19:19

VERY nice! Awesome looking rail gun!

majette 01-19-2013 19:28

nice but this is not complete without a range report.

bac1023 01-19-2013 19:43

Wow, very nice Greg :thumbsup:

happy seal 01-19-2013 19:52

Real nice Bro!

I got railed last month! I was in the right place at the right time. :faint:

20South 01-19-2013 20:13

Really nice Greg!

faawrenchbndr 01-19-2013 20:29


Originally Posted by bac1023 (Post 19886841)
Wow, very nice Greg :thumbsup:

Thanks Guys,,.......just picked it up today. Range trip next week!

dakrat 01-19-2013 20:35

looks nice. is the magwell blended?

faawrenchbndr 01-19-2013 20:43

No, not blended,..........yet.:whistling:

Rinspeed 01-19-2013 21:08

Very nice Greg.

glock2740 01-19-2013 23:09

Congrats Greg! Great looking gun! :cool:

Agent6-3/8 01-20-2013 09:00

Very nice! :thumbsup:

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3rdgen40 01-20-2013 09:09

Nice ! :wow: I'd like to see a pic with a light on that rail...:cool:

faawrenchbndr 01-20-2013 10:09


Originally Posted by 3rdgen40 (Post 19888571)
Nice ! :wow: I'd like to see a pic with a light on that rail...:cool:

GlockinNJ 01-20-2013 10:11

Not a fan of rails, but that is a beauty - congrats!

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