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vandros 01-20-2013 09:56

Does attaching light negatively affect polymer gun performance?
Hi there! After watching this vid that shows just how much polymer frame of Glock flexes, I started to wonder how attaching lights might impact gun reliability and performance. I've asked our local gunsmith, and he said that, yes, lights attached to Glock polymer frames can sometimes result in failure to eject or even double feeds.

The metal clamps of my TLR-1 very firmly grab my g29 frame, which without a doubt reduces frame flexing. I wonder what's everyone's experience has been with this? Do you notice any weird behavior in your Glocks when attaching lights to it? Does Glock Co. test their guns with lights attached as extensively as guns without any attachments?

uaengineer 01-20-2013 10:18

Well you should put several hundred rounds downrange in your gun with your light installed to ensure it reliably functions. If I'm not mistaken the issue used to be with Gen 3 G22's primarily? My G21 runs flawlessly with a TLR-1s or X300.

maestrogustav 01-20-2013 10:40

My G22gen4 is perfect with 100rds so far.

It was indeed the G22gen3s that were known to have issues.

I would like to know if there is any sign of issues with genes.

24601 01-20-2013 10:41

when shooting 40 through a gen3 32C with my surefire x300, i noticed an unacceptable amount of FTF...maybe 2 or three per mag....i installed wolf +10% mag springs which helped some....also had to experiment with different's much better now, but i still get a FTF once in a while....but i don't carry 40 for SD or i'd be really's just to switch things up at the range when i get bored of 357 or 9.... i mean, i guess i should be hacked to begin with seeing as the gun was designed for an attachment and it isn't working 100% with a light attached, but not every gen3 full frame/compact had that issue....i just got 'lucky'.....

maestrogustav 01-20-2013 10:45

That video is pretty bad; is there no ejector in the gun?

Also I don't get the point of the various numbers of rounds in the mag

Also 24601 what's an acceptable number of FTFs?

vandros 01-20-2013 11:09


Originally Posted by maestrogustav (Post 19888913)
That video is pretty bad; is there no ejector in the gun?

Also I don't get the point of the various numbers of rounds in the mag

Also 24601 what's an acceptable number of FTFs?

Yes, I think the ejector was taken out. I think the slo mo glock operation in hi def is pretty neat to see. I never thought the frame flexes nearly as much as it actually does in the vid.

24601 01-20-2013 11:21


Originally Posted by maestrogustav (Post 19888913)
Also 24601 what's an acceptable number of FTFs?

well, i guess my wording was off....FTF shouldn't be acceptable for a carry gun, but I don't carry 40...i use 357....a couple FTF here when i swap out barrels to shoot 40 at the range is fine with me because i gives me extra practice for clearing malfunctions...sometimes i intentionally buy really crappy ammo and head out to the range just for the malfunction that's what i meant....

Kcolg 01-21-2013 11:12

Definately an issue with lights attached. Our Dept. has been working with our regions Glock Rep on the issues. And I know two other Depts. next door have had issues as well. All with Glock .40 both Gen 3 and 4. We have Gen 3's and its not every gun but about half of them. It ejects fine but shoves the next round nose down into the mag causing the slide to either hang up or close with an empty chamber. It's always between rounds 3 and 7 that it does it. One of the other Depts that had the same problems upgraded to Gen 4's for a $50 price difference just over a year ago and now that some of the guns are hitting 500 to 1k rounds they are having the issue again. Glock Rep tried new guide rods and it still failed, put new mag springs in and worked until the 3rd time being loaded then it failed again (may spring had shrunk down like the old ones we swapped out. Glock Rep then opened up a new Gen 4 he had and on the 3rd mag it had a jam with a light. We use Streamlight TLR-1 and 2 and the old M3 and all caused jams. Glock Rep is at a lose and we are debating going to 9mm except for the reports of brass to the face. All work fine with no light. But we've spent a lot of $ on lights and holsters for both street and SRT. At this point Glock says the weight on the end speeds up the slide and it doesn't pick up the next round or violently (their word) shoves it down into the magazine causing a nose down jam.

uaengineer 01-21-2013 12:04

Are there any reports out there on this happening with other brands like XD40 or M&P40? Seems like Glock needs to take a look at their RSA for the 40's if they're going to keep the same size and weight profile as the 9mm's and more than likely using universal mag springs. I guess an available quick fix to try is stiffer mag springs at the expense of raping your thumbs when loading your mags or either balance the weight at the back of the gun, but that's not practical unless the dept wants to make 22 round mags standard issue. :thumbsup:

Markel 01-21-2013 16:44

I have a Glock 35/TLR-1 combo and have 1,250 rounds through it with no problems to date. I just mounted a TLR-2s, so I'll see how it compares since it is a bit heavier than the TLR-1.

Btw, about half of the rounds fired have been .40 S&W and the other half .357 SIG using a KKM barrel.

got_metal 01-22-2013 20:37

I was out today with my G22 Gen 3 and TLR-1s, specifically to test the function with the light attached. Shot 80 rounds of .40 and the first 2 rounds of the first mag both failed to feed, the rest fed fine, both slow and rapid fire. Not sure if this was a grip issue in the beginning or not. Also tried the "limp wrist" test with a full mag and it fed fine.

I also shot 80 rounds of 9mm (conversion barrel) with the light attached, no issues.

If it keeps getting a couple fails every range trip, I may try a TRL-3 instead.

GWG19 01-23-2013 08:50

I use a Insight XML. Very small and very light weight. Cost about $40.
I have 3 of them. One was has several 1000 rounds fired with it on different guns. A SA 357 Sig XD, SA 45LE 45 Gap, Colt Rail Gun, Glock 21, Glock 34. It has not affected the functioning any. The weight on this light is closer to the trigger guard than some lights. I have tried different lights and the big thing that I noticed was how muzzle heavy they made the pistol feel. The XML has a slight increase but not much.
If you are using it for home defense or personal defense it should be fine.

Bill Lumberg 01-23-2013 12:30

Zero problems with glock 23 and 22's, across tens of thousands of rounds, with M3, M3X, and TLR-1's. Using commonly available range and duty rounds. Never enountered at the range, nor talked to any other agency with problems. The TLR-1 is a much higher quality light than the M3's, but none caused any malfunctions for us. That being the case, you still should test fire your weapon with anything you plan to keep attached to it.

FLglockdude 01-23-2013 12:40

My M&P9 has been flawless over 2500+ rounds with a TLR-1 mounted.

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raven11 01-23-2013 16:24

My Walther P99 and Caracal F ran fine with a TLR-3 on

NDCent 01-23-2013 16:37

1000 to 1500 rounds through gen4 G35 with tlr-2, no problems.

concretefuzzynuts 01-23-2013 16:42

On a related note: I don't mount lights on my guns. If I'm trying to find out what that bump in the middle of the night was, I don't want to point a weapon at a family member or friend to recognize who's there. Light in free hand.

I don't judge you if you mount a light on your gun, just food for thought.

concretefuzzynuts 01-23-2013 16:46

Double tap. What?

vandros 01-23-2013 17:05


Originally Posted by concretefuzzynuts (Post 19902440)
If I'm trying to find out what that bump in the middle of the night was, I don't want to point a weapon at a family member or friend to recognize who's there. Light in free hand..

I hear this argument a lot from people I respect - so you are in good company :)

However, I was wondering if you could point the light a bit to the side, to address this valid concern? Today's lights, like TLR/surefire/etc. seem bright enough to illuminate the entire room...

Not trying to argue - rather figure it out for myself.

Bren 01-23-2013 17:14


Originally Posted by maestrogustav (Post 19888913)
That video is pretty bad; is there no ejector in the gun?

That's what I was about to post - it has to be missing or broken.

On the Youtube page, the guys says it wouldn't eject because of the adjustment of the ransome rest, but that slide went all the way back without the brass ever touching an ejector, so I think he's wrong.

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