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auto-5 01-20-2013 19:41

At these prices I am going to sell
at least one or two of my 10/22. According to the prices on gunbroker you can get $500 for one and at least $50 for a 25 round mag.

CMG 01-20-2013 22:27

Good luck.

samuse 01-21-2013 07:54

I sold all of my used AR mags.

They were in good shape, but I saw an opportunity to rotate out the old and rotate in some new without spending any money.

I got good money for all my mags and still priced them way cheaper than anything else on Arfcom.

I have a ton of new Gen M3 pmags and NHMTGs, with a bunch on order, so I'll be ready with a stash of fresh mags if any ten-round ******ry gets passed...

seamaster 01-28-2013 00:15

10/22's are still available in most of my lgs's and at normal prices. I even bought new Ruger mags yesterday for $15.

vafish 01-30-2013 12:29


Originally Posted by auto-5 (Post 19890852)
at least one or two of my 10/22. According to the prices on gunbroker you can get $500 for one and at least $50 for a 25 round mag.

There is a huge difference between what people are asking for guns and what people are paying for them.

I would bet very few of those $500 10-22s actually sell.

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oneuglygun 01-30-2013 12:49

There are several Wally Worlds and many LGS in my area. Very little 22LR available and you won't find a 10-22 Ruger or 25 round Mags at any of them !! There are 4 of us makin weekly trips and have found little 22LR ammo ! Less than a 1000 rounds of bulk and just a small amount of Match or quality stuff in the last 4 weeks !! Right now I can shoot my 9MM or 40 cal. reloads as cheap as 22LR. Ruger doesn't even have their 25 round Mags in stock !

Messer 01-31-2013 14:03

My local shop just got in two std. 10/22 carbines, blued with synthetic stock and priced them at $222.00. This shop hasn't bought in to the gouge them while you can mentality.

Another local shop was selling bx-25 mags for $80.00 each - people are already talking bad about that shop - people do remember this stuff.

Take care,
Bob S.

colkid 02-12-2013 10:59

In Colorado- I went to two gun shows recently. I found 22 magnum bricks for $92 + tax, an off brand. There are three companies making ammo. Two from Montana and one from Colorado.
Not sure how good they are,except I have heard goods thing about HSM in orange boxes. They do use once fired brass.

jtp0828 02-12-2013 14:33

500....customs are going for 800+++ its super insane here in Utah. I have seen the sr ar15 style 10/22 go for 699+ tax. I bought my old walnut version for 80$ used 5 years ago...never would have thought id see 800-1000$ 10/22s

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shooter1074 03-02-2013 07:25

People are doing it to themselves. I listed a 25-round M&P 15-22 mag on Gunbroker. I only wanted to make my money back. I was shocked when it sold for almost $100! Crazy.

Tazz10m 03-03-2013 21:35

Now is not the time to sell... unless you really need the money. If you think guns are expensive and hard to find now... consider how much they will be if there is actually civil unrest... and civil unrest is super highly likely right now.

FloorPoor 03-03-2013 22:51

I've used this "crisis" as an opportunity to find out which LGS's will get my business in the future. The ones with WAY overpriced guns/ammo/mags will not get a dime from me. The ones who have kept it honest and sell a close to normal prices will continue to get my hard earned dollars.

I would NEVER pay more than $200 or so for a 10/22, I just don't think they're worth it.

CMG 03-04-2013 07:23


Originally Posted by FloorPoor (Post 20054099)

I would NEVER pay more than $200 or so for a 10/22, I just don't think they're worth it.

I'm the same way with S&W revolvers... to me they are at best a $350-$400 piece.

Yet there are many others, right now, who clearly value them higher... when the buyers are willing to pay more, the prices will continue to rise.

KingWalleye 03-22-2013 16:38

:rofl:I just figured out my Sig 522 with 4 25 round mags, a 15 round mag and a 50 round Black Dog drum are worth somewhere around $10,000.00

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