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The_Vigilante 01-21-2013 16:22

Any load data for 9x25 Dillon using 147g HP
Checked the 9x25 Sticky but didn't find any loads for a 147g HP (Zero). I have Longshot and N350. Thanks in advance.

_The_Shadow 01-21-2013 18:01

Somebody was claiming to have loaded 180 grain stuff of the 9x25 but I don't think he published his data...

One of the GT memebers started a 9x25Dillion page a while back and worked with 130 grain bullets here is the link.

I haven't used that heavy for the 9x25's because I think the 10mm will push the heavier bullets faster and safer.

I did post what was forwarded to me from RamShot powder company. here is that data which does show a 147gr.



Wesuggest the following.

Iam sending the hardcopies loadguides ASAP.

Caliber: 9mmx25 Dillon.

Barrellength: 6”

Powder: Ramshot–- SILHOUETTE®.

Bullet weight: 115 grains.

Startload: 9.0 grains (1275 – 1350 ft/p/sec)

Maximum load: 10.0 grains (1425 – 1500 Ft/p/sec).

Bullet weight: 124 grains.

Startload: 8.5 grains (1225 – 1275 ft/p/sec)

Maximum load: 9.5 grains (1300 – 1400 Ft/p/sec).

Bullet weight: 147 grains.

Startload: 7.5 grains (1100- 1175 ft/p/sec)

Maximum load: 8.5 grains (1225 – 1275 Ft/p/sec).


It’ important to notethat SAFETY is our prime concerntherefore we strongly recommend.

1.TO ALWAYS BEGIN LOADING AT THE RECOMMENDED MINIMUM “START”LOAD and develop loads in 2% increments towards the MAXIMUM load.

2.CAUTION: Beware of double charging if the loading density isbelow 50% of the available volume.

3.If possible, measure the velocity and correlate with our data.


Johan Loubser


Ramshot.Accurate Powders

Tel: 406.234.0422 email:

WesternPowdersInc.Miles City.Montana.


WesternPowders Inc. disclaims all possible liability for damages including, actual,incidental and consequential, resulting from usage of the information or advicecontained in this message.

Usethe data and advice at your own risk, and with extreme caution.

IMPORTANTNOTE: Allways begin loading from the minimum "START charge and carefullydevelop loads by increasing in small increments of 2% towards the Maximum load.


Thiscommunication is confidential and may be legally privileged. If you are not the intended recipient,

(i)please do not read or disclose to others, (ii) please notify the sender byreply mail, and (iii) please

deletethis communication from your system. Failure to follow this process may be unlawful. Thank you for your cooperation

Other loads I have data was from JT Knives I think;
147 Speer Gold Dot
11.0 grains 800X (From McNett)
1438 FPS
Need to investigate this load. It produces a few rounds with higher thandesired head expansion in my gun. 4/5/04

147 Silvertip
15.6 grains H108 (Compressed load Hollowpoint slightly deformed)
1306 FPS

147 XTP
15.6 grains H108 (Compressed load Hollowpoint slightly deformed)
1351 FPS


Hornady 147 gr. JHP-XTP.
CCI #300 primers
5 shot strings

8.5 gr. Blue Dot
1) 1197 fps
2) 1124 fps
3) 1178 fps
4) 1201 fps
5) 1192 fps

9 gr. Blue Dot
1) 1304 fps
2) 1270 fps
3) 1267 fps
4) 1297 fps
5) 1299 fps

Hope this helps some!

The_Vigilante 01-21-2013 18:33

Any load data for 9x25 Dillon using 147g HP
Thanks for the information


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