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HKLovingIT 01-22-2013 22:03

USP Compact 9mm / P2000 9mm Magazine Heads Up
If you are looking for some range only mags to save wear and tear on your standard capacity ones, or are in a 10 round state, CDNN has 10 Round Magazines for $19.99

These will work in your USP Compact 9mm, P2000 9mm or P2000sk 9mm (though the magazine body will stick out the bottom of the P2000sk a bit).

I just got a few in from CDNN for range use. Brand new in the HK factory bag.

A used P2000 I purchased a while back came with a couple and I use them for the range. They work just as well as any other HK mag. I decided to grab a couple more while they were cheap. Just a heads up, these are about $15 cheaper each than other places have them for.


ca survivor 02-10-2013 14:17

I'm good on mags, but thanks.

A6Gator 02-11-2013 13:26

Fullsize USP 9mm mags for $40? :wow:

mq105 02-15-2013 16:43

That's what they cost several months ago before the insanity. That's a good deal.

zirkdog 03-01-2013 02:08

In for 2. They don't track inventory online in real time, so who knows if they have them in stock. I haven't been in the market for mags for a few years, but I seem to rememebr $35 being the previous going rate. $40 for panic/rage prices ain't bad.

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