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aircarver 01-25-2013 10:51

787 Battery Fires

Fires onboard are baaaad .... :alex:


Brian Lee 01-25-2013 17:14

Too bad they didn't use batteries from A123. A123 has the only lithium battery chemistry in the world that is NOT fire prone, and the only one IMO suitable for aircraft use. If the 787 had A123 batteries in it the fires would have never happened even if the charger DID try to over charge them, and the airplanes would not be grounded right now.

This is why the pentagon is so upset about the possibility that A123 might get sold to China.

Take note of the fact that China wouldn't offer a dime for worthless companies like Solyndra, that never had a viable product in the first place. But they are chomping at the bit to own the BEST lithium batteries in the world so they can control the market in the only kind of batteries that an airplane can actually use SAFELY.

sns3guppy 01-25-2013 22:23


Fires onboard are baaaad ....
As can be attested by the (deceased) crew of UPS 6.

There is, however, nothing better than the smell of smoke in the cockpit, assuming it's the right kind of smoke.

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