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USMCsilver 01-25-2013 17:45

Heading Elsewhere With A Collection?
I've been playing in the game for over 15 years. I've been shooting for much longer, but I'll say that I've been a semi-hardcore collector/shooter/buyer for the last 15...

All the latest, greatest, whiz-bang, high-speed, low-drag stuff... I've owned a lot, shot even more, and sold a few.

However, I seem to be developing this odd interest for "old" weapons.

I just got a Mosin M44 the other day; I started to really think about it, and that's one of the VERY FEW rifles I own that has a wooden stock. Odd...

I seem to be wanting an Enfield, M1A, & M14. Will I get them? Hell...I dunno. Space is lacking, and I'm still wanting to fund some partially incomplete projects. However, these older guns in good wood are starting to call my name.

Anyone else getting these callings? :dunno:

silentpoet 01-25-2013 17:50

I don't know about elsewhere, but I got my UZI out of the safe. Looked at it to trade for a 45 duty gun. And just decided I couldn't do that right now. If my tax situation works out right I am going to just put a 45 on layaway next week. I guess you could say I decided to stay where I am. I do want to get a Mosin and Enfield again, but maybe more towards the end of the year.

shawnbryan 01-25-2013 18:02

All the time. Would love a M-1 (my first Army rifle) and an M-14 (my second Army rifle). Both were heavy, with wood stocks - and accurate and powerful. Would love to have one of each. I have a Springfield 03-A3 bolt action and a Swedish Mauser carbine in 6.5 in original condition with a beautiful bolt action. Love my old military rifles and would love to have more in the collection if I had the funds.

G23c 01-25-2013 18:04

I'm with you, just got a 1917 Remington Armory Mosin Nagant this week. Its just cool, thinking about the history, but very long and heavy.

garya1961 01-25-2013 19:13

Most of my guns are the older wood and steel type. I only wish I had gotten into military surplus a lot earlier. BTW I have M44, M91/30, and M39.

bac1023 01-25-2013 22:34

I change my collecting themes from time to time...

m2hmghb 01-25-2013 23:31

You want a fun one to try and find? Look for an M39 Finnish Nagant. They shoot like a dream and are quite comfortable. It's quite amusing to find a 1944 rebarrel on a receiver made in the 1800s. I've always loved the old rifles, they have character, soul, and personality. Modern weapons are so mass produced that they tend to be more the same then more different, which isn't true for the older military rifles. How about an M91/30 Finnish capture with a blood stain on the stock? It makes you wonder.

427 01-26-2013 00:31

Milsurps are the main part of my collection but modern stuff is cool, too.

PzGren 01-26-2013 03:46

I am on Glocktalk for a while but was years earlier on Lately there are Lugers, Hämmerlis, SIG P210s caling my name.

I always loved revolvers, though - and that is unchanged.

glockrod 01-26-2013 06:30

I want a M1
But the only old ones that have called out and I have actually answered were old Winchester levers.

I like the old guns, but they have gone crazy in value over the last 10 years.

Guess I can only dream.

vtducrider 01-26-2013 09:15

I don't think it's unusual. I used to have mostly military style rifles, and just a couple of pistols. 20 years later, I find myself enjoy handgun shooting much more. In my younger years, I would have never thought I'd own 6 Glocks someday.

fnfalman 01-26-2013 12:29

It's not unusual to be in love with something else. When I was in my youth, it was all about combat ("tactical" wasn't the chic word back then) and survivalist. It's all have to be black parkerized, tennifer, NP3, moly disulfide, nylon, kydex, cordura, rubber, zytel, military issued, hi-cap, blah, blah, blah.

Nowadays it's all about wood and steel and leather. I've refined my tastes for the better things in life.

pennlineman 01-26-2013 18:05

The truth is I like the older stuff better. When the old AWB sunsetted in 2004 I focused on all those guns that I wanted that fell under that ban. AR's, Glocks and my Beretta M9. I refused to buy guns with a ten round magazine that had a capacity for more. Now that I have those guns I hardly ever shoot them.

My true passion has always been revolvers, mostly S&W's and some Rugers. I also like adding a new hunting rifle to the collection now and then. Aside from that I have mini collections of surplus rifles and third generation S&W's going on.

JDSTG58 01-27-2013 08:06

Yup, been doing the same thing myself. If you are getting into the old mil-surplus, get your 03 C&R FFL.

Will pay for itself in 1 buy. Only costs $30 for three years.

kirgi08 01-27-2013 08:20

I want a Garand or a.308 Enfield.'08. :drool:

ca survivor 01-28-2013 05:49


Originally Posted by bac1023 (Post 19912293)
I change my collecting themes from time to time...

but I wish you go back to the 1911 collecting. :rofl:

deadite 01-28-2013 06:20

I was really heavy into rimfire handguns for a while, but now I'm more into 1911s. Still looking for the elusive Browning Medalist though. I wouldn't mind finding a decently priced Pre-War Colt Woodsman Sport either.

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SigFTW 01-28-2013 07:02

I have my SKS and that keeps me happy, may still pick up a Mosin, but really want to add a high end O/U with nice woods.

vafish 01-30-2013 11:24

I just got my C&R license in the mail.

I'll be collecting more surplus guns for a while.

posted from my stupid smart phone, please excuse any spelling mistakes.

Boats 01-30-2013 12:56

I am currently only a massive .357 Magnum bender.

The lousy ammo situation over the past couple of years has me thinking that if I am going to be reloading a lot more than I'd care to that with pistol caliber lever guns that can have rounds hot rodded in this caliber, with the wide selection of hard cast bullets and a variety of molds available, that there is no more fun area to head to at the moment.

jlbeasley1976 01-30-2013 14:21

About a month, I went to the LGS with my quarterly bonus looking for an AR or Ak. Both were in stock but priced a little high. As I was looking around, a Norinco SKS caught my eye and I ended up leaving with it. About three days ago, I stopped by a local pawn shop and there sat a Yugo M48 Mauser. Price - $115+tax. Needless to say, I'm now the proud owner. Another pawn shop has a 303 Enfield for $299 but havent done my research yet to know if this is a good deal or not. I love the gun but just don't know anything about them. Maybe some of you guys could weigh in.

Bob Hafler 01-30-2013 15:03

I've been that wooden stock way for just about ever. I also love old rifles and pistols.
So far my collectonis a
1942 Mosin Nagant 91/30.
1955 M1 Garand (Springfield)
1969 Yugo SKS
1981 Marlin 30/30
1952 Marlin DL81 (22)
1987 CZ 82 (9x18)

My 2010 Mini 14 Ranch rifle looks more like a M1 Carbine then it does a mini 14.
Even bought the entry level RIA GI 1911 because it looked liked the 45 I carried in the Military.
Come to think of it the only plastic stock rifle I own is my 10/22.

As of late I've been reverting back to all steel pistols.

Hines57 01-30-2013 17:14

Enfield, M14, M1 carbine (my favorite), couple of Arisaka's from my father. Wood is good.

deputy tom 01-30-2013 17:34

I've always changed interest in types of firearms I'd buy and shoot. I constantly traded them back in for something else. I spent more money than I care to admit. For the past couple years I've been selling more to make up for lost work time due to illness and operations,etc. I'm only shooting every few months or so and mostly .22 rimfire when I do get out. Less recoil pain and cheaper to boot. YMMV. tom.:embarassed:

ETA I still would like to get an XDs but wonder if I can handle the recoil of a .45acp in such a light-weight small package. Kind of like the dog chasing the moving car. tom.

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