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Glocked again 01-26-2013 18:58

Help! I need a new toy!
I am in need (Want) of a new tactical shotgun. I have not done a lot of research yet and there is a gun show in Greenville SC next weekend. I have a two story home. I have ample Glocks around the house, but would also like another shotgun, for other than hunting animals. What do you suggest?

boomhower 01-26-2013 21:00

Tried and true 870 would be my pick. For budget the tactical version is a pretty good buy. If you've got the cash the police version and then outfit to your needs.

Ferdinandd 01-26-2013 22:37

First off, if my experience is an indication of what yours might be, don't go to a gun show right now - rediculous prices and massive crowds.

An 870 25077 is an excellent starting point for a SD/HD shotgun. You can add an ammo carrier or change sights if preferred, but it's excellent as it comes in the box.

vafish 01-27-2013 08:32

Mossberg 500, 590, or Remington 870 are the most common answers to this question.

Then you get into the semi autos.

Really need to know what your budget is.

posted from my stupid smart phone, please excuse any spelling mistakes.

GAFinch 01-29-2013 21:21

I went to a gun show here a couple months ago - virtually no line and mostly good prices. It came back last weekend and there was a 45-60 minute wait to get in and items were selling for around twice what they were last time. If you really need/want one right now, you're basically limited to whatever you can actually find/afford.

burttrans 01-30-2013 22:17

I had always been a 870 guy but picked up a Mossberg 590A1 and I am glad I did. 20 inch that holds 8 in tube and 1 in chamber and 4 in speedfeed stock. It has XS ghost ring sights and shoot great. I could not ask for more in self defense gun. I got it out the door $510 including tax and I know this was a great deal about $100 less than on gun broker. I know prices have jumped alot the last month!

chrisbroz 01-30-2013 23:04

I'm seriously lookin' at a Stoeger side by side 'tactical' - with practice it can be speed reloaded, though I doubt the miscreants will be hangin' around for a double dose of next choice (bein' the cheap sum***** I am) would be a used Mossy 500 series.

railfancwb 01-31-2013 04:31

There is a short barrel SxS with exposed hammers imported from China (I think) which falls into the lower price range. And there are various clones of the Winchester 97, also with exposed hammer. (I like exposed hammers on self defense shotguns.)

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glockman99 01-31-2013 14:02

Get yourself a Remington 870...Here's mine:

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