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cangler 01-26-2013 20:54

Cz 455 22lr
So it looks like I have this rifle coming soon. I plan on matching it up with a Nikon P-22 2-7x32mm and silencerco ss sparrow (eventually). I'm not sure about rings yet, but would prefer quick detachable with thumb screws, and it would have to fit the integrated 11mm dovetail receiver. Anybody have a CZ 455 or 452, how do you have it setup?

Clem Eastwood 01-26-2013 22:43

Here is a pic of my 452 varmint. in this pic it has some millet tip offs and my weaver rv9.

right now i have a DIP rail on it, i cant remember whos weaver rings and a mueller apv. id take it out and get a pic of it, but i really dont feel like pulling all the crap out from in front of the safe to get to it. i have a set of warne quick release weaver style rings on my 10/22, but for the $70 price tag they are kind of expensive for the convenience. i dont think ive seen any quick release stuff for a dovetail mount, but i could be wrong. i just picked up an old anschutz 64 sporter and needed rings so i just went with another set of steel burris tip offs. for a $30 steel tip off they are my favorite.

cangler 01-26-2013 23:00

What about these rings assuming medium height will be tall enough

Clem Eastwood 01-26-2013 23:05

if you want those rings get the high height. i know for a fact those mediums are too low unless you have a very small eye piece on your scope. i always found the warne tipoffs to be kind of a pain when leveling the scope.

with most rings youll need a high height because the bolt throw is high on the CZ and will usually nudge the scope eye piece if a medium tipoff ring is used on the dovetail.

if you use a picatinny base that adds enough height that you can get away with a medium height rings.

cangler 01-29-2013 22:33

I'm having a hard time tracking down the Nikon P-22 scope that's in stock, so decided to go with the weaver RV-7 classic 2.5-7x28mm instead, and the Burris Medium Rimfire Signature Rings Part # 420554, hopefully these rings are high enough for this smaller scope. I do like the idea of keeping the rifle light as possible but still be able to hit 100 yards.

Clem Eastwood 01-30-2013 16:29

if they are the same medium height burris rings that i had on my wifes weaver rv7 on her cz 452 the bolt will hit the scope eye piece. that scope has the same size eye piece as the larger objective weavers. try it, but itll be close.

cangler 01-30-2013 19:55

so the bolt throw is the same on the 455 vs 452 ?

Clem Eastwood 01-31-2013 23:30

its the same bolt.

cangler 02-01-2013 07:35

gotcha, well i went ahead and ordered the weaver rv7 and also a few different ring sets to figure out which one works the best, I'll return the ones I don't need etc

cangler 02-09-2013 15:16

okay so with the weaver 2.5-7x 28mm scope and these rings, it works perfectly... just enough clearance for the bolt throw. These rings are really nice so far, especially for the price.

ignantmike 02-16-2013 06:52

couple of cz's

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