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mayhem23 01-27-2013 00:30

Looking for lever action rifle
HI All, I have been looking at three lever action .22s. Browning BL-22, Marlin Golden 39A and Henry golden boy rifles. I am interested in what you shoot and how you like what you have. Right now leaning towards the Brownings due to availability.

Clem Eastwood 01-27-2013 01:33

i love the 39a. i havent shot browning or the henry though.

Fungunner 01-27-2013 06:46

I love my Browning BL. Bagged my first groundhog with it. Got it back a few years ago. Accurate, that short throw on the cocking action is also nice. Handles .22 short, long and long rifle.

It's the gun I used to entice my reluctant wife into shooting. Wouldn't dare part with it, it's one of her favorites.

curiousgb 01-27-2013 14:58

I have a Henry. Love it.

USMC03Grunt 01-27-2013 20:34

Put me down as a Marlin lover. Got my first Golden 39A when I was in the Marines in the early 90's then followed by a 39M a few years later. Accurate, smooth and easy to take apart for cleaning or just compact storage if that floats your boat too. I haven't messed with the Browning or Henry so I can't comment on them. Just never seen the point to messing with them after having the Marlins.

mayhem23 01-27-2013 22:56

I always wanted a Marlin .22 when I was a kid. Now that I been away from the Navy I have bought everything but a Marlin. For now locally I can find three different models of Brownings. They look nice and will probably have one in my gun safe by Wednesday. Still a lever action and will work as well as any that I mentioned above. I look forward to shooting by next weekend.

CajunBass 01-28-2013 04:18

I had a Marlin 39a that I bought in 1982. Sold it not long ago because I just didn't use it. The thing was as heavy as a hunk of railroad rail. It wasn't so important when I was younger and hunting down in the tidewater flatlands, but now that I've moved to higher country I found I just didn't use it, and prefered a 10/22. Don't get me wrong, the 39A is a great gun. Mine was accurate as all get out, and well made as can be. It was well worth what I paid for way back in the day. Even then they were thought of as expensive for "just a 22."

I think if I was going to buy a lever gun today, I'd go with a Henry, unless I really wanted a heirloom piece. Either a Marlin, or a Winchester 94/22 for that. But just to plink/hunt with, a Henry should do the job.

I just noticed you specified a Golden Boy. I never could warm up to them. Just too gaudy for my taste. If I was going to spend that much money, I'd get a Marlin, or a Browning. IMHO, the Golden Boy is just a cheap but good rifle, wearing lipstick.

MrMurphy 01-28-2013 06:37

There's the Marlin, then there's everything else.

The 39 will feed anything (short, long, LR) and a lot of them. It'll also last a century or more without much maintenance.

The BL22, 9422 are both good if you can find them. The Henrys appear to shoot well and are fun shooters, but the Golden Boy has issues with that finish coming off. I'd get the standard model.

Bob Hafler 01-28-2013 12:51

Those Henry 22 lever actions are sweet,and 100% american made. If I buy another 22 this year it will be a Henry lever action

VinnieG 01-28-2013 13:01

I have the Henry golden boy and love it. Shoots great and feeds shorts and long rifles with no problem

Krigloch 01-29-2013 21:39

I have the standard Henry .22
So damn smooth! Love it

mayhem23 01-30-2013 19:19

I made my purchase. Browning BL-22 nickle receiver and 20 inch barrel. There will be some fine shooting taking place this weekend.

Krigloch 01-30-2013 19:39

Can it use .22 shorts also?

mayhem23 01-30-2013 21:36

Yes, shorts, long and long rifle. It looks like the weather may be good enough to shoot it tommorrow.

efman 01-30-2013 21:42

I have a bl-22 that was given to me on my 10th birthday it's a great gun,shoots strait, and has amazing craftmanship. the only downside is that the fit and finish is so nice I don't wanna take it in the woods.

skeeter7 01-31-2013 00:26

I also have the Henry Golden Boy. Super smooth action and pretty darn accurate. :thumbsup:

mayhem23 02-01-2013 18:36

I bought the Browning grade I. It has the nickle receiver minus the chechering on the stock. I took it to the woods after work and it shoots nice. Too bad it got dark on me. I was having fun with it. I like the way it has a 33 degree cycle of the action also.

VinnieG 02-02-2013 22:42


Originally Posted by efman (Post 19931718)
I have a bl-22 that was given to me on my 10th birthday it's a great gun,shoots strait, and has amazing craftmanship. the only downside is that the fit and finish is so nice I don't wanna take it in the woods.

Heck bro. If it gets a lil scratch when out huntin, it ain't damage, it's memories.

mayhem23 02-02-2013 23:04

How very true Vinnie. My son is home from college this weekend. We plan to shoot in the morning before he heads back to watch the Super Bowl on campus at U.T. Knoxville. I bought him a Ruger 10/22 when he was small. It will be nice for us men to shoot a few cans or targets. He may like the lever action as much as I do.

nostalgiaguy 02-03-2013 15:32

I lean toward the Marlin 39a . I am a marlin lever junkie. I have one and love it. I have shot both the browning and the henry as well. They are both also fine rifles. I wasnt pleased much with the quality of Henry when they first hit the market. But I think QA has improved over the years from what I have seen.

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