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JC Refuge 01-27-2013 11:59

The Day Everything Changes
The America we all grew up in is no more.

So much has already happened in the swift transition to the place where people are merely tools for the good of the state. One day soon, the final big steps will be enacted and chaos will ensue.

Are you truly ready for that?

At Safecastle, this is why we have been here for you for the last 11 years, helping you to prepare for when you and those you trust are on your own. Just remember ... it's not just about physical preps ... get yourself squared away mentally and spiritually as well. A big change is coming.

Best Emergency Storage Food Opportunities of the Year

1. January 31 is the last day of our current food deals in Safecastle's "The Food Abides" Sale. Most of these offers are discounts on foods and bundles that are never available at discounts beyond our regular club-member discounts. Take advantage while you can.

2. February 1-15 is our Maximum Mountain House Sale in which every Mountain House freeze dried #10-can listing will be discounted the maximum-allowed 25%! But then beyond that, MH is allowing an extra discount of another 10% off select varieties that will provide you with the best deals in years on Diced Chicken, Diced Beef, Ground Beef, Cottage Cheese, Raw Egg Mix-Uncooked, and Scrambled Eggs w/ Ham & Peppers. That's 35% off those items and 25%-off everything else!!

And of course, there's more to like ... that is, everything always ships free to the continental U.S. ... and our buyers club members reap extra Mountain House Buyer Rewards that their MH can-case purchases may qualify for.

No matter how you look at it, now's the time friends.

JC Refuge 01-28-2013 18:23

Also very much worth looking at:

JC Refuge 01-30-2013 08:37

Last 2 days of the current sale

JC Refuge 01-31-2013 09:22

Last day today for "The Food Abides" Sale.

Late tonight starts the greatest-ever MH sale!

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