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HKLovingIT 01-27-2013 14:11

Right size sleeping bag
In terms of thermal rating I've always been told to add 10-20 degrees to what the manufacturer says on the tag. What are your thoughts on how to approach getting a bag that will do the job while not adding unnecessary bulk and weight. Or I guess another way to ask is that you can certainly buy too little bag but aside from weight considerations can you buy too much thermal protection?

Maybe some guys have summer bags and winter bags but if you can only get a set for a family of four what are your thoughts? Worst case scenario would be outdoors use with night time temps in the teens.

I'm interested in getting some quality bags for both preparation plus camping use.


JC Refuge 01-27-2013 14:24

HKLovingIT ... I like your sig line.

Sleeping bags ... hmmm ... well, I for one do believe that your sleeping bag can be too warm on a hot summer night.

Not sure that there is a single bag that will do it all. Sorry--I don't have a loophole for you on getting around using the right bag for the particular conditions--especially if we are talking a wide range of temps.

It really depends on how you will use your sleeping bag--when, where, etc. You mention temps as cold as in the teens. Given that, and assuming you want just one bag--I'd go with a bag rated for 0 degrees. Then, I'd spring for a silk sleeping bag liner. They're not expensive. A silky liner can add additional protection within your bag ... or you can use it by itself on top of your bag on a warm night.

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