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The_Gun_Guru 01-30-2013 12:31

At Least I Got My Colt LE6920....
before GE Capital Bank dropped Bud's Gun Shop!

There is no longer a BGS credit card. GEC has terminated their association with BGS and firearm sales in general.

This country is on the verge of civil war.....and I think we need it!:wavey:


jdeere_man 01-30-2013 13:21

I'm no longer associated with PayPal because they don't want to be associated with me. I'd guess if I had any accounts at GE Capital I wouldn't have them there much longer.

The_Gun_Guru 01-30-2013 13:56

it's very sad how this country has turned away from the very thing that gave us our freedom in the first place. we have become a nation of hypocrites and it makes me sick to my stomach!:ack:


jdeere_man 01-30-2013 15:23

Actually the ironic thing is my PayPal account had a line of credit associated with it too. That line of credit was provided by GE Capital. I guess I killed two birds with one stone.

Beware Owner 01-30-2013 15:38

Anyone surprised that banks are in it with the New World Order?

bac1023 01-30-2013 15:48

Yeah, very sad indeed :sad:

Spiffums 01-30-2013 18:12

I wonder where people would stand morally if they defaulted on debts to these banks?

Beware Owner 01-31-2013 08:24

I think we, as a country, should pay more attention to these criminal banksters and hang them out to dry.

Joshhtn 01-31-2013 08:48

Sad... Just sad.

mister happy 02-01-2013 21:21

Aw, I thought this would be a discussion about the LE6920....

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