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ConnorAndrews 01-31-2013 00:07

Compensating Glocks
Hey guys I have a few questions, 1. Is is possible to have somebody put compensation ports in a G23 slide and barrel? Or do I have to buy a G23C? 2. Is a compensated barrel worth it?

Thanks for the help.

MinervaDoe 01-31-2013 00:18

DJ Niner 01-31-2013 02:52

Back in the days when you couldn't buy this kind of stuff over-the-counter from your favorite manufacturer, the place to go for these types of modifications was Mag-na-port International.

Go down near the bottom of the page at the first link for a description of their "Autoporting" for autoloading pistols:

Paxmo 01-31-2013 03:08

Check out customized creationz

barth 01-31-2013 03:20

Recommend getting a third party extended ported barrel.
You don't need to punch holes in the slide and can swap barrels easily.
Also you might consider the new barrel in a different caliber just for fun.
I find the 357 Sig high pressure high velocity round works
particularly well with a ported barrel.

TSAX 01-31-2013 03:45

You have 4 viable options here

1. Lone Wolf does a C style porting to barrel and slide. Magna does a variation on this and both would be good choices. Mas Ayoob had his Beretta ported by Magna.

2. Buy a threaded barrel and a compensator like a 4 port from Jager Products or another company that sells a good quality comp that just screws on.

3. Buy an extended ported barrel from Lone Wolf, Storm Lake, and other companies that offer them.

4. Buy a C model Glock.

Weigh the costs and benefits of all these options then make a decisions. I have been shooting these options for about 10 years and I am one of if not the biggest proponent of compensated guns on this site. The Glock C models, XD V10 series, a 1911 with a Wilson Combat compensator, to name a few. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


ede 01-31-2013 04:33

You can find just about anyone with a mill, EDM, etc to cut the slide and run a ported barrel or run a threaded barrel and comp if you really want to make a big change.

Bill Lumberg 01-31-2013 07:31

I'd just get a C model, if you think you shoot well enough to benefit from porting.

ss30378 01-31-2013 09:09

TSAX pointed out your main 4 options and #2 will be the most effective for cutting felt recoil. Full comps are larger and can redirect more gas than a ported barrel so they have more effect. Have you tried running a heavier recoil spring? I did that for my pedal to the metal loads and felt recoil dropped noticeably. Once you go with comp/porting things get rather noisy and will have to drop recoil spring pressure with a comped gun as well.

Bill Lumberg 01-31-2013 09:33

No noticeable noise increase to the shooter, nor need to change RSA, in a factory C model.

ss30378 01-31-2013 09:38


Originally Posted by Bill Lumberg (Post 19932943)
No noticeable noise increase to the shooter, nor need to change RSA, in a factory C model.

This has not been my experience (noise wise)... The lighter recoil spring only applies for the large threaded comps. Not the ported/c models.

ede 01-31-2013 10:16

maybe a good question to ask is what results are you looking for from running a comp or ports? increasing slide speed will reduce felt recoil, won't do anything to change the amount of recoil unless you figure out a way to work around physics, but the incresed speed will make the recoil impulse occur over a shorter time interval.

Ryobi 01-31-2013 10:49

No discernible noise difference to the shooter with a factory c model. But ther can be to a bystander.

janice6 01-31-2013 11:03

I am also using the LW ported .357 Sig barrel in my G27. I bought it because I could. I have no perceptible problems controlling my G27 in 9mm .40 cal. or .357 Sig.

Does it make a difference? I don't really know. I am not very sensitive to recoil and actually find little difference firing any of these three rounds in my pistol. I like the versatility.

Would I buy a ported barrel again? Sure, why not? I like all the calibers in my pistol and would select ported again without reservations.

As I said, I am not particularly sensitive to recoil, and I am now carrying a 4" .357 Magnum Chiappa Rhino, because it is so tame to shoot with any load I have used. with no muzzle flip. It's fun too. (I added this for clarification of my comments)

It adds more fun just because it is different.

I have shot a factory ported G22C and it was a very good experience.

PVolk 01-31-2013 11:04

TSAX's post nailed it. I would recommend option #3. That will be your best bang for the buck. But it will not be carry friendly, if your G23 is your carry gun. If you want compensation ports and you want to carry it, I'd recommend selling your G23 and picking up a G23C. That will probably be the most wallet friendly means to get what you want.

AR15 guy 01-31-2013 13:03

How much of a difference does the porting make?

PVolk 01-31-2013 13:42


Originally Posted by AR15 guy (Post 19933709)
How much of a difference does the porting make?

The benefit is small, but evident. I prefer compensated Glocks, but it's not a deal breaker by any means.

I found that adding weight to the muzzle was a much more effective way to reduce muzzle flip. I have a thread-on compensator on my G24 and a flashlight on my G23c, and the addition of those parts made a HUGE difference in felt recoil and muzzle rise. Possibly more noticable with .40s&w though being that it's known for being snappy.

AR15 guy 01-31-2013 20:35

I have been wanting to pick up an x300 for awhile, but I keep buying other stuff instead. Maybe I'll get around to getting a light soon

AR15 guy 01-31-2013 20:36

I have been wanting to pick up an x300 for awhile, but I keep buying other stuff instead. Maybe I'll get around to getting a light soon.

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