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00Glazz 02-03-2013 11:42

SA compact 1911 dates.
Hello all,

Just went out to Pro-Armament in OH two days again 1911 shopping. Came home with a SA 1911 compact. Now from the looks of it,it is an older gun. I cannot find any info on these compacts. Its not a ultra compact or micro, or champion. Its a 4" barrel,novak sights, skeleton trigger and hammer, extended beavertail, and magwell added to it.

Anyone know when these were built? Only markings are springfield armory,logo,serial number etc on right side. And Compact CAL.45 on the left.
Sweet shooting pistol though! Perfect little carry gun. Will add pics for you all soon!


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faawrenchbndr 02-03-2013 11:51

Standard barrel with bushing or bull barrel?
Is your's a light weight, LW serial prefix?

00Glazz 02-03-2013 12:22

It is a standard barrel with a hex key type guide rod under the barrel. I have never seen one of these until now. And yep it is an LW serial code!

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knedrgr 02-03-2013 13:28

made in the mid '90s.

knedrgr 02-03-2013 13:28

you can also call SA to see when the serial was registered in their book.

faawrenchbndr 02-03-2013 13:50

There were two runs,........a few thousand in '92-'93 and another
run in '96

00Glazz 02-03-2013 14:35

Very good. I figured sometime in the 90's. Thanks guys!

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prez1967 02-03-2013 14:59

I had a "LW" Compact that was modified by Gunsite and IIRC it was a 98 build...

hk_shootr 02-03-2013 15:07

that last run must have been '96-'98

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