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adam337 02-03-2013 14:44

laser max compatible with black haw serpa?
are the lasermax lasers compatible with the black hawk serpa holsters?

i see that you change out the take down lever , and re install it with a slightly longer one. therefor will it give any problems holstering/ unholstering from the serpa?

adam337 02-09-2013 10:40


Atomic Punk 02-09-2013 11:21

i have one in my G20 and it fits fine when i use my blackhawk. the new lever does not stick out much.

gooffeyguy 02-09-2013 11:47

I have an older (1996) model lasermax on my G23 and it fit fine in my Blackhawk Non-Serpa holster, but rubs a bit on the Serpa model. The right side of the lever catches a bit where the holster is cutout for the release when drawing, but after removing the gun a few times from the holster it cut some light grooves into it and isn't a problem. I also noticed that my Serpa holster is molded a bit tighter to the gun on that side than the other side, so it may just be production variances. I have heard of some people putting something like a coin to space it away from the gun and heating that area of the holster with a heat gun or hair dryer and letting it cool to help make it a bit looser fit on that side.

Cheeseburger1976 02-09-2013 13:43

It fits fine, have a G 23,22,27 with CT

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