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plainsman 02-04-2013 13:21

Anyone use deer usterus scent?
Just how long is it effective in time, like a day or so? How long amount of time would a buck want to follow a trail that might be a day, or several hours old?

Basically, I'm saying unless it's a recent trail, I'm not going to be following a old scent later, but I'm not a deer.....!
Any comments?

Tvov 02-16-2013 08:30

I am not an experienced hunter. But friends seem to consider the scents to be "right now" type of things - use scent in the morning for a morning hunt that same day. And that right there is my extent of scent knowledge!

railfancwb 02-16-2013 08:46

Anyone use it in their bedroom? ;-)

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plainsman 02-18-2013 00:10

Thanks for the reply
Hunt season just ended, I try not to enter my baited area any more then necessary, so I put the deer scent mid day and wondered how long it would be effective.


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