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JGguns 02-05-2013 06:29

Finally did it.
Well after many years of 10/22 ownership I finally put together one with a tactical solutions barrel. I have heed wanting one for a long time but just couldn't justify spending the money. So after about 2 months classified shopping I got the parts to do it.

Nothing fancy but I sure so like it. Just finished it up so I have not had a chance to shoot it. Spec below

10/22 receiver, trigger and bolt
Tac sol x-ring fluted bull barrel
boyds tacticool stock
Harris bi pod
Weaver 3-9 with leupold rings

This stock is one of the most comfortable stock I have ever shouldered. Can't wait to take it out this weekend and shoot it.

ss30378 02-05-2013 10:44

Congrats they are fun! I have a titan competition barrel on mine and wondered why I waited so long to do it once i shot it. If you havent modified the trigger yet a simple VQ hammer, sear, and spring kit makes a world of difference. Have fun with the "new" toy!

CMG 02-05-2013 10:51

I like it!

I have one quite similar... the TacSol barrel shoots great for me.

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