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railfancwb 02-05-2013 13:15

Competitor to it vaporware?

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raven11 02-05-2013 18:16

its less vaporware than the KSG is, the UTS 15 you can actually buy at my LGS

GAFinch 02-05-2013 18:19

Every quasi-tactical firearm is vaporware right now.

Diesel McBadass 02-05-2013 19:00

look at nutnfancys review.......lets just say buy the kel tec the utas is terrible

Haldor 02-07-2013 19:34

I am waiting for the Ruger copy. You know it will be more refined. LCS12 (for light, compact, shotgun).

Personally I would be a lot more interested in the Keltec if it was a semi-auto (assuming it would even operate as a semi). I handled one recently and working the action makes me think this is not a finished design. Lets just say short stroking it is going to be a problem.

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