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GAFinch 02-08-2013 18:46

New Hogue Grips for my CZ 75B

Picked up some Hogue grips made out of "Goncalo Alves" wood for my SS 75B. As you can see in my picture, it's darker and redder in color than Hogue's picture (looks like oak flooring) but still light enough to go well with a SS gun. The stock rubber grips are fine for the range but aren't as comfortable for concealed carry during winter, so I wanted to pick up some smooth grips. I'll have to see how it does during range trips in summer but the wax finish is not as slick as the metal on the gun. There's a small gap on the back top corner which isn't noticeable, but otherwise the grips are flush all the way around and fitted quite well. These grips eliminate the pointless bulge on the bottom of the rubber grips and reduce the bulge on the top, while still leaving enough of a shelf to rest your thumb on. I'm very pleased with them.

The SS grip screws are from CZ Custom and are the same length as the stock screws, except they don't rust.

$50 at Hogue's store and $43 at Amazon. They do have a textured version as well as other types of wood.

Wetrudgeon 02-24-2013 06:38

Those stocks look good. The 75B is an outstanding handgun.

We trudge on.

nitesite10mm 02-25-2013 23:46

Damn fine handgun. The CZ75B is an incredible firearm.

bac1023 03-16-2013 20:27

Very nice indeed :thumbsup:

hoghunter82 03-16-2013 20:38

Looks great!

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