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Diesel McBadass 02-11-2013 20:21

your favorite combat shotgun?
Post here. I just have a 870 with a field barrel, wish to upgrade in future open to anything

WoodenPlank 02-11-2013 20:40

I love my 590. She's a bit of a heavy *****, but 8+1 capacity, rock solid reliability, and tough as nails make up for it.

RYNOCG201 02-11-2013 21:37

Love my 870, I need a mag extension and side saddle though.

aippi 02-11-2013 22:05

Get an 18.5" barrel for it. That's all you need. I give three bits of advice for anyone building a fighting shotgun. 1. Keep it basic 2. Keep it basic 3. Keep it basic

Diesel McBadass 02-11-2013 22:10

the express finish sucks though lol. Rust if you drink a glass of water in same room. I also love ghost rings, not a bead guy

Firefightermdc 02-11-2013 22:16


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oldman11 02-11-2013 22:18

I've seen a couple of videos on a UTA 15. Hickock 45 seemed to like them. But I saw another vid where the shooter had a hard time making it work. Anyone here used one?

glockman99 02-12-2013 01:21

My customized (by me) Rem. 870:

frankr 02-12-2013 03:57

Benelli M4. Good enough for the United States Marines, good enough for me.

SGT HATRED 02-12-2013 06:10

Benelli M4. Wish I could find one for a decent price, but my M3 and 121 M1 will do for now...

pgg00 02-12-2013 06:29

I like my 870. Mag extension, surefire foreend, knoxx stock, side saddle on receiver and stock, and XS big dot rifle sights.

ronin.45 02-12-2013 07:38

Benelli M1. Light, fast, and dead reliable.

Glockdude1 02-12-2013 07:52

870 all the way.


K.Kiser 02-12-2013 16:01

Probably take a nice benelli if I had the coin, but on my budget I love my winchester 1300 defender... With that said a short barrel on my 870's or a Moss 500 would be just fine indeed..

jakebrake 02-12-2013 16:25


Originally Posted by WoodenPlank (Post 19977254)
I love my 590. She's a bit of a heavy *****, but 8+1 capacity, rock solid reliability, and tough as nails make up for it.

sounds like my 590.

LASTRESORT20 02-12-2013 16:33


Originally Posted by glockman99 (Post 19978073)

`I did the same....Exactly what I have :cool:

G23c 02-12-2013 18:34

old school, M1S90 or for pump, my old Mossberg 500-solid,

JimIsland 02-12-2013 18:40

870 ftw

Jeremy_K 02-12-2013 18:56


Originally Posted by glockman99 (Post 19978073)

What did you do to shorten that barrel? I'd like to cut down my 28" VR barrel to about 23" but I want to thread it for turkey chokes.

HKLovingIT 02-12-2013 19:01

I have a Mossberg 590A1 six shot. I like it a lot.

I would like to add a Benelli M1 Super 90 or M2 to the stable. The FN SLP looks pretty darn good too. :wavey:

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