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spartanranger 02-13-2013 18:25

G17L Gen 4 info?!?!?!
Does anyone know about any kind of possibility of glock making a G17L Gen4? I'd pay a crap load of money for one...

4095fanatic 02-13-2013 19:06

They usually put out a small batch every few years.

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plouffedaddy 02-13-2013 19:35

I hope they do but I think it'll be a while; especially since the regular 17L isn't that big of a seller.

BroncoAZ 02-13-2013 21:38

To my knowledge the latest batch of G17L were made in September 2011, serial prefix in the R-- range. They are about due to make some more, but the current state of orders might suppress them. I happened to score mine new in box in August 2012 for $525 :-)

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