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JJPLaw 02-23-2013 06:53

U notch G19 magazines
I have heard of these magazines selling as high as $100/each. I have some from the early 90's that are essentially brand new. Any ideas how much to ask if I sell them? As well, are there any restrictions on where they can be mailed? Thanks in advance.

cadillacguns 03-13-2013 07:25

Cannot be sold or sent to people in restricted states.

Firecop203 03-31-2013 10:26

They may be of some value to a collector. Are they metal lined or non metal?

BamaTrooper 03-31-2013 16:06


Originally Posted by cadillacguns (Post 20084415)
Cannot be sold or sent to people in restricted states.

Until recently, I think NY allowed the old pre 94 ban mags to be purchased. Not sure though.

SamJ 04-04-2013 15:27

Massachusetts residents such as myself would be thrilled to buy them. I am not sure of pricing at this time, although I know you could easily get at least $50 each for them. MA residents can purchase them as long as they predate the 1994 AWB.

samurairabbi 04-04-2013 15:42

That three figure price statement is probably from the 1994-2004 era.

JJPLaw 04-04-2013 20:40

A friend told me that he recently saw some sell for $75 each. I have a couple u notch and a few newer but, Pre-94 ones. Not sure if I should hold onto them or sell. They are essentially new - not even loaded. Thoughts?

SamJ 04-04-2013 21:00

If you own a gun uses them or expect to own one, I would hold on to them, especially if you live in ban state. If you do decide to sell them, I would think they would be easy to sell, even at $75 to a person in ban state such as MA.

JJPLaw 04-05-2013 18:18

Thanks Sam. I'm not in a ban state but, I suppose you never know where one moves.

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