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vandros 03-22-2013 14:07

Suggest me good pistol training options in Arizona and New Mexico
Hi all!

I currently have beginner-intermediate pistol operating skills, and looking to develop my skills further. I want to find the best training venues in my area. Which instructors/academies/schools/etc. would you recommend in New Mexico and Arizona area? Or, which ones should I stay away from, and why?

Thanks for your advice!

WT 03-23-2013 09:09

If you are looking for the 'best training' I would suggest you get private lessons from some of the well known instructors who reside in AZ. Should cost about $3,000 per day.

With a private instructor you will get the 'best training' considering your present capabilities and weapons. Other students will not be distracting you or holding you back.

At least 3 premier, world class instructors reside in AZ.

og23 03-23-2013 09:27

3k/day wow. Check out the Ben Avery facility. They offer different courses that may be attractive and financially feasible for most.

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Short Cut 03-23-2013 09:42

I thought Prescott Arizona and its surroundings was a hot bed for top level instructors.

jtull7 03-23-2013 11:12

In the Santa Fe/Los Alamos area, I would call Michael Grimler. I have taken two short courses from him, and he is excellent. Tell him John Tull recommended him.
Protection Technology Los Alamos PTLA

Arc Angel 03-23-2013 12:58

Order the home study materials from, and This way you'll be ten years ahead of most of the other pistoleros instead of running, 'neck and neck' with the rest of the pack. ;)

ken grant 03-23-2013 17:44

Robin Brown
c/o The Gun Depot
6740 E. University Dr. #106
Mesa, Az 85205

Sam Spade 03-23-2013 18:00

People and places I've trained in AZ:

Gunsite. Nuff said.
Yavapai Firearms. (Louis Awerbuck).
Suarez International.
Grey Group. (Mike Panone).
Glendale Community College. This one needs an explanation. GCC runs an Administration of Justice program. It makes many of the courses available to the general public. Many names offer classes there, especially in their rifle program. Ed Stock taught what was essentially Gunsite's Basic Carbine class, minus the simulations. Amazing value for the money.
Robin Brown.
Pat Rogers.
Roger Phillips

vandros 03-23-2013 18:48

Thanks guys! This is very helpful!

Private lessons would be nice, but I just can't invest that much at a time into training. Just thinking out loud: would one $3,000 private lesson taking place in one day be more valuable than 3 regular lessons worth about $1000 each (each lasting 1-2 days) from the same instructor?

ipscshooter 03-23-2013 20:51

My first thought was GunSite.

If you live near Phoenix and can do one day classes for about $100 per. You could try Ken Senft at GunsPlus in Surprise. He runs courses at Ben Avery.

He has a "Survivor Club" where you sign up for all the classes you get a discount. I took all of them several years ago. Last I knew there were five Pistol classes starting pretty basic and then advancing. Also offers shotgun and rifle class. A few night classes as well. Good guy.

The classes tend to be self defense oriented. So if you are looking to be an "Operator" you might look elsewhere.

Check here for class info

threefeathers 03-24-2013 22:23

Gator Farm Tactical Applications. Classes in Tucson and many other ranges in AZ. Since Threefeathers is from Las Cruces (Holy Cross School) He is willing to travel to New Mexico, especially the Las Cruces area.

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