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WiskyT 03-23-2013 18:56

Samsung Smart TV
We just got a Samsung TV that is "smart". I'm new to this new generation of stuff. I like things the laptop/desktop way with a normal browser. I don't like all of this "apps" business and don't know much about them.

Does anyone know what this thing uses for an OS? I figured it would be Android, but the default on the browser is the MSN page. It has a browser, but when I got to Hulu (regular Hulu, not Hulu Plus) I can't click on an icon for an episode of something. For instance, I can browse to The Rockford Files and the same page comes up as it would if I was using FF etc. But when I move the cursor up and down it will skip the icons for the actual episodes so there is no way to click on them. I have to ASSume this is on purpose.

Is there anyway to install a standard version of FF or Chromium or any browser that will let me do anything in terms of surfing the web that I can do with a "normal" computer like Ubuntu would? I'm guessing that the answer for a non-geek like me would be a simple no, but I'm just curious about this device and what can be done with it.

Any other thoughts anyone has on this particular device would be appreciated too.

WiskyT 03-23-2013 19:17

Another question. I have surfed around a bit and found that these "smart" tv's are vulnerable to hacking. Should I be worried about it? Is there a way to connect it to the internet without it being part of our whole network? Should I just disconnect it from the internet and not bother with it?

Frankly, I doubt we will use the internet much on the TV. It's easy enough to just plug a laptop into it with an HDMI cable when we want to use it as a monitor, and this whole feature doesn't really interest me if it can allow a hacker to comb through all the computers in the house.

rahrah12 03-24-2013 08:29

Did you try the Hulu App?

WiskyT 03-24-2013 08:45


Originally Posted by rahrah12 (Post 20118392)
Did you try the Hulu App?

Like all of these devices, it's "hulu plus" which you have to pay for. The pay part doesn't interest me. There is lots of old re-run stuff for free on hulu, but none of these types of devices seems to allow them to be used.

The more I read on the web about this feature, the less likey I think I am to keep it connected. The things I want to do, and my wife wants to do, just seem to be easier and better through a connected laptop or her phone. She likes to feed Pandora through the home theater sound system. this is causing problems with the unversal remote, the TV, and the receiver. There is a compatibility issue that she hasn't been able to fix yet. The TV, receiver, and remote all try to send the sound out through a different place. But, if she just connects her phone to the receiver, it works fine. She has unlimited data on her phone, so it is just easier to do it that way.

Bow Commander 03-24-2013 16:33

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to surf the web on a TV with a poor interface.

I'm not much help with your dilemmas. I like my Roku.

WiskyT 03-24-2013 16:44


Originally Posted by Bow Commander (Post 20119739)
There is nothing more frustrating than trying to surf the web on a TV with a poor interface.

I'm not much help with your dilemmas. I like my Roku.

I haven't gotten far enough with this thing to be annoyed by the interface yet. I only went to one place, so "typing" it in wasn't a big deal. What was a big deal was that once there I still couldn't view what I wanted to.

As far as Roku, I looked into it a bit and couldn't find a simple, concise list of free programming and what that programming was. I found a list of about a million channels but they weren't sorted in any way. Is there a lits of channels that I can segregate by terms like "free" and then by what content they carry?

ViennaGambit 03-24-2013 16:54

I have one as well - the only "Smart Ap" we use regularly and really enjoy is Pandora and we use it quite a bit... Its nice for when friends are over or one of us is cooking.

We also use Netflix through it as well which works nicely and now we dont have to turn on the Playstation 3 for Netflix.

We also downloaded the Red Box and Blockbuster apps, but have not used them yet - might be nice to get some of the newer releases without having to go to the supermarket to rent one... we will see.

Lastly, I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone that 100% integrates through the Smart Hub and I can send any pics or movies or music from my phone right to the TV - it also lets me use my phone as a remote. Really really awesome to **** around with my wife when I'm in the bedroom and she is watching TV :)

Surfing the web is a joke as of now - when they include a wireless keyboard & mouse, then we will see.

Regardless if you use Smart or not, your TV has a better processor that makes the image quality much better than the same Samsung without Smart capability - so no money wasted if you dont use the actual aps...

As for the OS - its Samsung proprietary software - not Android or anything like that.

I wouldn't worry about the hacking.

I would give Samsung a year to really pimp out the Smart Hub and make it more usable - we are still beta testers for this new smart TV stuff - hasnt become the norm yet.

WiskyT 03-24-2013 17:46

Yes, the picture is beyond description. Even old shows like The Virginian look like they were made with the latest HD CGI 3D technology.

As far as Pandora, yes the programming itself works. The problem is something is switching the speaker output from the hdmi that runs to the home theater receiver to the speakers of the TV itself. Not only is that annoying, but it doesn't switch back if you bail out of that and go back to the sattelite signal. She has to scroll through the setup menu and re-do stuff.

Her S3 phone does connect (bluetooth?) perfectly to the TV so we can view pics etc and she can listen to Pandora without issue.

I like the TV. It is superior in every way to the one we got just 2 years ago for the BR (Toshiba) that we are also happy with.

WiskyT 03-26-2013 19:52

Okay, she solved the sound problem when using Pandora via the hub. It needed and ACR(?) optical cable from the TV to the surround sound receiver that she didn't know about. With that cable now installed, the sound is routed to the proper place under the various scenarious.

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