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Capt.Easy 05-15-2013 12:33

Mouse Gun +p ?
HI Mas, Ruger recommends against using +p ammo in their LCP. I use +p in all my carry weapons reguardless of caliber and I have seen you recommend +p in most questions you get on SD ammo choice. As a back up weapon (I know you don't think .380 is a good choice as a primary) would you stay with a standard pressure load like Speer 90gr JHP Gold Dot or would you be more inclined to go with Buffalo Bore +p 80gr Tac-XP, assuming a heavier recoil spring and not caring about voiding a factory warranty? This would be used for carry only to avoid beating up the weapon during practice. As a side note B.B. web site recommends that if you are inclined to carry HP in this chambering to back up the first round with a magazine full of non-expanding (100gr +p FNHC) for enough penetration to hit vitals to stop a determined attacker. If this line of thought is correct would Non-expanding FN be better than HP anyway?
Happy Trails, David

Mas Ayoob 05-15-2013 12:41

You're experiencing the reason I don't care for .380s. Non-expanding bullets in that caliber have a long history of poor "stopping power," for want of a better term, and are likely to overpenetrate. The hollow points don't generally penetrate as deeply as most of us want.

Buffalo Bore is a well-made product, and I know folks who carry BB .380 +P in their LCPs and shoot it with no ill effect on the gun. Since the factory recommends against the hotter .380 loads for that gun, I'd limit how much of it went through the gun.

Hornady 90 grain XTP is the closest I can find to a balance of decent penetration with at least some expansion, but honestly, I'd be advising you to turn the page in the Ruger catalog to the LC9 pistol or the LCR .38 Special.


Capt.Easy 05-16-2013 08:15

Hi Mas, Your up to the minute knowledge is why I (and I'm sure most others) value your opinions. I already have an LCR 38spl.,G19,Pt 745, etc. , the problem is I live in tee shirt & shorts weather 90% of the time and I am looking for something to fit a front pocket as a backup when I carry one of the others, which have to be holstered and as a de-facto primary( better than a sharp stick) when working (construction) or other times the loose clothing to cover a holstered weapon isn't possible. My edc pocket gun is a 5 shot 22mag revolver and I thought a LCP would be a step up considering recent ammo choices. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks for sharing your time and experience, David

Mas Ayoob 05-16-2013 08:21

If I was gonna go with a .380, it would probably be loaded with Hornady XTP.

Capt.Easy 05-16-2013 08:25

Thanks again Mas, David

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