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HammerG26 09-02-2013 05:18

Glock 20 For Hunting Deer
I am picking up a Glock 20 Gen4 shortly - mostly for a camping / hiking gun, but also thought about hunting with it. Anyone done any hunting with it? Can it support the "Buffalo Bore" cartridges? I tried hunting a .357 in the past, only shoot out to my proficiency level (9/10 inside a coke can)... so not worried about range...

Glockworks 09-03-2013 04:06

I'm also thinking about getting one of these and starting my 10mm journey. Hickock45 on youtube has done I think are 2 (3?) videos on the G20/29.

Remington 870 09-03-2013 07:29

I just got a glock20 sf and plan on hunting with it that is if I can find full power ammo. That appears to be a task! Underwood is always out of the good bullet grains.

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shanny161984 09-03-2013 07:34

3 weeks, and I'll post pics of mine, plan on taking a doe with stock g20 running 200 gr hp by underwood

Brian Lee 09-03-2013 12:52

I'm getting a Thompson Center Encore pistol for hunting & putting a scope on it, and the G20 is going to stay in the holster as a backup/defense gun, which Arizona now allows on hunts.

countrygun 09-03-2013 13:13

Mine may go out this fall. I have hunted with a .41 mag loaded DOWN to 1,150-1,200 fps with a 210 gn KSWC so I see no reason not to use the G-20 appropriately loaded.

Ken52789 09-05-2013 09:07

Stephenthesuave 09-05-2013 09:30

I have a 6" KKM in mine and a Leupood Deltapoint on top. Put oversized controls on it for manipulation with thicker gloves. I just started hunting with it last year and didn't get a shot at anything because I only got to hunt one day of gun season in Ohio.

This year I plan to hunt the whole week and I'm sure Ill shoot something with it. I'm pretty accurate to ~45 yards now (4" group), as always I need more practice.

I'd suggest the Gen3 for the better recoil spring options without resorting to an adapter.

SDGlock23 09-06-2013 08:43

For what it's worth, the stock Gen4 recoil springs handle recoil very well. My hot 10mm loads of a 180gr at over 1350 (or 200 @ 1250) cycles just fine and doesn't really throw brass that far. The added grippiness of the Gen4 is a plus too.

Big Bird 09-08-2013 08:09

I've hunted with my G20 using a KKM barrel and handloaded Doubletap 200 grain hard cast bullets. I prefer hard cast bullets for hunting and have killed many deer over the years with .45 and .44 mg handloads.

The two meat does I shot with my G20 were complete penetration side to side and both ran a dozen yards before dropping. I've shot them with .375 H&H and had them run farther. I tend to kill a good number of meat animals casually while I'm out clearing trails or checking food plots etc. When I hunt for recreation I do it with a longbow and wood arrows or a flintlock rifle.

Most pistol rounds will function like simple punch presses in animals. You don't tend to get the traumatic damage you will see with a highpower rifle. Course, that's nothing new--the Germans figured out the parameters of somkeless bullet wounding physics a hundred years ago.

BCGUNCOLL 09-16-2013 11:04

I have a gen3 glock 20. i worked up some 200gn hp/xtp loads for hunting. i chronied them at 1174fps. i got a shot on a small doe 2 years ago. i was in a tentblind in an old clearcut. the deer wasnt 15yards from me when i shot it. hit her behind the front shoulder and ended up almost coming out the other front shoulder. she vaulted straight up in the air about 3 feet and plopped down spreadeagle on the ground dead as a doorknob. im a 10mm believer. :cool:

21Brutus 09-16-2013 18:43

Count me in as well...G20 GEN4 FDE with a 6" Lone Wolf barrel shooting Buffalo Bore 220gr hardcast...unless Underwood gets some in before season starts. Knocking down the 8" gong at 50 yards this weekend so I feel good about accuracy, but my shot will be within 30 yards if the does behave...,

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