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NJR 10-05-2013 19:42

Suggestions For Visiting Montana?
Couldn't find a relevant guide for my former Soviet Union tour (was planning to try to visit M. Kalashnikov in Izhevsk, check out Volgograd (Stalingrad)), maybe next year.

So, I have a couple of cousins in Butte whose forebears migrated there in 100 years ago and were probably active in the Western Federation of Miners and the Wobblies, Socialist Party etc. Have a retired Prez of my former Teamsters Local not too far away and an acquaintance in Idaho who was a civil rights organizer and a member of the NRA.

Was thinking of looking at Bozeman, Butte, Missoula and a couple of other towns in the two and a half weeks I have.

My question is: are there any gun training related events happening in the area in the fourth week of October to the first week of November? Also, a big separate topic I would imagine, but longhorn? sheep hunting? Is it expensive, strenous? Doable? Can I have the meat frozen and then drive it back to Illinois? I imagine it's probably a lot more expensive and stenuous than hunting wild pigs in SE Missouri.
Still, I love lamb....

I was also thinking of camping out for at least half the time to save on motel costs- the weather in that part of MT looks like it will be 25 degrees at night and 40 during the day. Am I crazy? I've done some fall camping when I was younger...

I was also planning on taking my fake Mosin sniper rifle with the PU scope to get it sighted in properly. I would imagine there are a lot more people that know how to do that in MT than northern IL.

Finally, good bars/restaurants/cafes to hang out at? I was hoping to meet some post-hippie hot moms as well as cowboys types...

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