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Bill D 12-01-2003 17:55

Watched Gary Null on PBS last night. He has written a book on the aging process and how proper nutrition can eliminate or delay many aging problems.
I have used the Atkins Diet as it works for me. But what about juicing? Pros, cons, hassles, cost? Null is very high on it and offered some amazing results.

ExxoticOne 12-01-2003 20:08

I've read all of Gary Null's books and I'm a big fan of his. For short-term weight loss juicing is a poor choice because you can go crazy calorically (with fruit juice). The results are amazing for specific conditions and ailments.

If you build juicing into your diet gradually the long term effects are very promising.

Lots of people, myself included, went on a juicing craze when the Juiceman infomercials started running. You have to take into account how much sugar you're ingesting on a juice only regime. You have to take into account all the things you're not getting when you go on a juice only diet.

Best solution (for ME) was to integrate the whole-food juice thing into my diet...I quit the bottled stuff and made my own. Now, with the exception of cranberry/raspberry juice, I won't drink anything from a bottle or carton again.

If you are looking to buy a juicer, try Jack Lalane's outperforms and out-juices the Juiceman one...I know because I gave mine away once I got Jack Lalane's model.

Fruit is not cheap...and fruit is not the only thing you should be need to juice your veggies as well.

My favorite juice is carrot-apple I get a real noticable boost from the sugar in it and my eyes are bright and clear...I'm also taking in 300 + calories when I drink this stuff so on my juicing days I usually fill up on salad and tofu and veggies.

Hope this helps, I can go on an on but I'll wait to see if you have any specific questions.

Dragline 12-02-2003 14:28

EO, what do you do with all the leftover pulp?

I was fairly heavily into juicing at one time but eventually let it slip away. One problem was that whenever I juiced I always felt bad about how much pulp I was throwing away. Not just because of the food waste, but the nutritional waste as well. I came to feel that at least if I was eating an apple or a carrot, I was getting the benefit of almost all of it. I wasn't throwing a good portion of it away, which I was doing when I juiced them.

BTW, one of my favorite drinks was: Several carrots, one small apple, one stalk of celery, small bunch of parsley.

ExxoticOne 12-02-2003 15:35

Hi Dragline...2 things on the pulp issue...the Juiceman machine cranks out a lot of wet pulp...wasted food and juice. The Jack Lalane model extracts EVERYTHING...the pulp is almost dry.

When I used the Juiceman I'd refrigerate all the vegetable pulp and make beef stew or minestrone or veggie soup at the end of the week. Now I just use the leftover pulp from my new juicer as compost.

Different machines made a world of difference for me.

Every January I go on a 2 week juice-fast...the machine pretty much pays for itself during that timeframe.

Dragline 12-02-2003 15:45

Thanks for that EO.
Yeah, I have a Juiceman brand juicer and I always felt it put out way too much wet pulp.
I had thoughts of using it for compost.

Well, maybe this winter I'll drag it out and give it another try.

Bill D 12-03-2003 21:09

Thanks for the replies.
I'm interested mostly with the hassle factor. Do you make a days worth in the morning, or each time you want a glass full? Clean up time after each use(hand wash)? What about roughage in your daily intake- Citracel or similar product?
It's just time to clean up my system a little. Mickey Mantle was a big boozer, and the men in his family died in their 40's. After his failed liver transplant he said he would have taken better care of himself if he knew he would live this long(63,I think)!
Will buy Null's book tomorrow. Thanks.

ExxoticOne 12-03-2003 23:24

Juice is meant to be drank FRESH...if you make a pitcher of it it will oxidize and you will lose nutrients/flavor. You need to run the juicer for each glass you drink. The key is to prep/wash all your fruits/veggies when you bring them home from the grocery store. That way, you save time. The Jack LaLane juicer is much more user friendly and easier to clean. You will still need fiber in your diet as you are not drinking the fibrous parts of the fruit/veggies. I supplement that portion with salads and oatmeal for lunch or snacks. Beet juice is especially good for cleansing the liver and detoxifying. The local library is sure to have books on juicing/recipes. I found I lost more weight on veggie juice vs. fruit juice...because of the high caloric content. One book you should definetely consider reading is Fit for Life by Harvey and Marilyn of the things it talks about is food combining and food combining is very easy to do and will complement this juicing project.

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