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Wulfenite 03-26-2004 11:10

Buck, Did you See This Thread.....

C150J 03-26-2004 11:26

Imagine a UAV doing that...byebye combat pilots:(


M2 Carbine 03-26-2004 15:36

Ya, many in the RC community have tried for years to get the military to develop unmaned vehicles.

I,ve attached cameras to RC airplanes and right away you can see this could be a heck of a recon tool.
As they have shown recently they even make good platforms for smart bombs.

The next thing could very well be "hunters" of maned aircraft.

Try and get away from a pilotless plane that could do 15 G turns.;P

C150J 03-26-2004 16:16

M2 - the latest prototypes can pull 23Gs! Eeek!


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