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JTR 03-29-2004 03:40

Okinawa 1963 (pics)
Here are a couple pics my dad has he let me scan in and I wanted to share with you folks. Dad was in the Marine Corps 1961-1964, MOS 2532, he was a radio relay operator. In 1963 he took a trip to Okinawa and worked out there for a bit. Sometimes he had his camera handy for the occasional shot and on this day to A-4 Skyhawks "scooters" came in low and fast. In the first pic you can see them coming in. In the second pic you can make out the two radio antennas that my dad and the other guy that was with him had to set up. I was told one antenna was 40-feet high and the other was 45-feet high and sometimes the fastmovers would come down between the two antennas, these guys look like they’re going around the outside. I was also told that if it was an F-8 that came in too close and hot, there was some time spent setting the antennas back up as they’d get blown over.


M2 Carbine 03-31-2004 08:13

Cool pictures:)

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