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noway 05-14-2004 07:40

HELP: Qs radio operators license
hey, can somebody tell me what classification of license do you need as a General radio operator for operating a scanner mobile on your person?

I contact one of those tv/radio station that offers the testing and never got any information back and the FCC website was pretty much very difficult as to the parts that's need for the appropiate license that I think I need.

Can somebody break down the testing and application proccess in gaining a license?

also if you have any suggestion of a good book for studying let me know. I recently bought the Amateur Radio "general class" ( 2nd level ) at my local Radio Shack last year for $2.00, it's a interesting book.

I asked borders to order the "technican Class " book but they never came thru on it. I also missed two of my Local HAM club meeting and was trying to show up just to check it out plus talk to somebody about this and determine what all that I need or don't need . I 'm pretty sure that I don't need morse code.

bangelo 05-14-2004 09:26

If I read your post correctly, you do not need a license to scan any frequencies. If you just want to scan, any joe schmoe can do that, but if you want to transmitt on ham freqs you need at least a tech license.

The ham test is basically broken down to technical parts and law parts, i forget how many questions in each part. Its pretty easy. go to and lookup ham radio tests online and you will find a crap load of info and practice tests. studie those and you will be good.

noway 05-14-2004 10:13

{you do not need a license to scan any frequencies. }

I think you are wrong.

I was told and checked out numerous states requirements that if you carry a scanner on your person or car, you need a license. I only listen to USGA frequencies and wouldn't mind take the 40 or 60 channel bearcat out on the road and doing it legally.

Also can any explain the steps they did to get a Technician license?

I contact a VCE ( IIRC ) but they provide me nada. the best advice I was given was just to go to amateur radio club and speak to their members.

bangelo 05-14-2004 10:24

Go here to find a testing place closest to you. The steps in getting a license are easy, study, take the test, wait for your license in the mail. I dont know about FL laws about scanning but In texas you can scan all you want with no license. I heard a storie about a guy in ny that got his scanner taken away by a cop because he didnt have a license.

noway 05-14-2004 10:36

yeap fl has 846.13 law concerning scanners and their usage.

bangelo 05-14-2004 11:00

Better start studying

GSD17 05-14-2004 20:06

not that hard to get a tech, no morse code, just study, take the test, and wait for them to post your license # on the FCC website...

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