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magsnubby 06-26-2004 22:53

We were talking about the draft at work the other day. Boy did that bring back memories. How many of you remember the day you got your "Greetings" letter? I came home from work and my wife was standing in the doorway with a letter in her hand. Tears were streaming down her face. I thought "Damnn....i know what's in her hand..."

BNSF 06-29-2004 07:16

I wish it would come back.

magsnubby 06-29-2004 21:16

We discussed that to. You can bet your dog tags the ACLU already has the papers for a law suite drawn up. "How can you justify drafting Bill but not Sue?". "But you can't draft Johnny and send him into combat unless you draft Jane and send her into combat also". To much PC crap. It might happen someday but i don't see it happening anytime in the near future.

rlbgfish173 07-11-2004 07:48

Draft the ACLU, end of problem. :)

hillkillr 08-05-2004 07:30

The possibility of a draft is a serioius thing to allot teanagers. My brother (18yo) said he would flee to Canada if he got drafted. I told him I would personally walk him to the meps if he got drafted, but I don't think that changed his mind. Most of his friends feel the same way too. I hope it's not how the majority feels though. Even though a draft is unlikely, it's the sttitude that scares me.

rlbgfish173 08-05-2004 09:03

What makes them think that Canada will let them in?

CarlosDJackal 08-05-2004 09:22

Funny, the youths I get in contact with can't wait until they are old enough to enlist. One young man has ever decided on eslisting as 18X (he's not even 17 yet and you have to be 18 y.o. to enlist as 18X).

If it wasn't for my hyperactive thyroid, I would have been in-country at Afghanistan with the VA-ARNG weeks ago.

But personally, I am not a big supported for the draft. I think we have more than enough volunteers available that if they'd get rid of some of the red tape, would provide more than enough manpower to sustain operations.

In my case for example, if they would give me a waver to deploy to 'stan as permanent Base Security, it would free up at least one other Infantryman who can participate in operations outside of base camp. The only limitation my medical condition has is I have to take 150 mg a day of a medicine called PTU. I can take it all at once or one pill (50 mg) at a time. This would work out since I am a Mortarman anyway, and can still provide fire support from a static location.


hillkillr 08-05-2004 16:52

I'm not sure why he chose Canada; I don't know much about their immigrant policy, but I heard they won't let anyone in unless the person has a contribution to make, like a college degree or somthing I guess. So my brother would probably just waste a trip to the border.

Carlos, I'm glad to hear about kids, I mean young adults, wanting to join the Army. I hope there are many more people with that same commitment.

I'm also against the draft. The Army may be short handed, but their not in that drstic of a need. However if a draft was passed I would fully support it. I'd be over in Irag now too,half the men in my old unit are there now, if they only had a magic cure for compressed vertabrae...

magsnubby 08-06-2004 13:27

It has nothing to do with beliveing in the draft or not. it has to do with your country and pride in one's self.

Do i want to go back into the military? No. Would i if i was physically able and they needed troops? #&%$@? A i would.

So they can all join hands and skip merrily off to Canada. I hear the big bears up there are hungry.

daveblank 08-06-2004 20:47

I think the draft would be a great idea. Maybe even a required 2 year tour at the age of 18. I think the dicipline would do many younger people a lot of good. ;? ;?

GRIZZLYBEAR 08-07-2004 08:19

I have strong feelings on this and keep this post civil....I'll try to be brief.

Yes, I believe they should have the draft and if I had anything to do with the selection process the first to get drafted would be the individuals that avoided the draft in the 60's. (I know this won't happen but I would like to see it).

Seriously, I feel that the draft should be a citizenship requirement, when a male/female turns 18 they should be required to serve a two hitch in military.


magsnubby 08-07-2004 15:23

Hey Griz,
Man ya got that right.

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