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rhedley 07-08-2004 20:05

AOL question
I have a grandaughter that loves the AOL instant messager. I contend that it being downloaded on the computer contributes to a lot of Pop-ups and other unwanted junk. Also there is a program named "Pacific Poker" a so-called free program, that I think I get a lot of "Data miners" from.

I am on Road Runner.

Am I right, or wrong


gudel 07-08-2004 20:39

i have AOL IM. i don't have AOL service. it can be done.
actually it's a great program, no pop ups or junkware.
i much prefer using it because it's very easy, and everyone and their ancestors use it.

ThinkOfTheChildren 07-08-2004 20:57

If I'm not mistaken, the newer versions of AIM install WildTangent software on your computer. This can easily be removed, however.

I don't know what to say about the Poker program.

Easiest way to deal with all this is use something like Search and Destroy to get rid of offending pieces of software/miners. If poker stops working after removing the offending pieces, then get rid of it completely.

gudel 07-08-2004 21:12

winamp has wildtangent stuff as plugin. it seems that it can be removed easily.

fastvfr 07-13-2004 10:02

My advice is to NEVER, EVER use an OEM Chat relay.

Trillian is exponentially better in every way, sets up everything from AOHell to ICQ and MSN/Yahoo (plus others) with no spyware or plugins whatsoever.

As far as your Poker game goes, that's the price you pay to play some so-called 'freeware' apps. They are free to you, but rest assured, they DO make money, it is just unethically and behind the scenes .

Best regards,


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