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jerrytrini 08-04-2004 09:14

To Attjpl I sent you my reply.

To Eyecutter, check your PM.

Eye Cutter 08-04-2004 09:27

thank you manong jerry, got your PM. I really appreciate it.

PS: your message box is full

jerrytrini 08-04-2004 09:36

Don't call me Manong, lalo akong tumatanda. Hind porke "Senior Member" ako sa Glocktalk manong na ang tawag ninyo sa akin. Hoy, mga
pogi, I am 51 but I feel 21. >(((> :) :) :). Am I the oldest BOG?

vega 08-04-2004 13:44


Originally posted by jerrytrini
Am I the oldest BOG?
Probably ante....;)


Eye Cutter 08-04-2004 16:52

sige na nga, koya! ;f

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