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Patricia 08-04-2004 09:31

A note on club requests
First, I recommend that you limit your responses to those voting as it makes it easier to tally. Second, if you start the thread requesting the club, that makes you responsible for keeping a count of votes and contacting me when you get 50. I sometimes don't get the time to check this forum as often as I'd like, so don't assume that once you get 50 votes, the forum will magically appear. ;) Please send me a PM when you get to 50. It would also be helpful to have a title and a description for the new forum when you do contact me.

TomSplasky 10-08-2004 20:44

I refuse to send you a PM unless I only have 49.


Alaska Bush Man 08-05-2005 05:08

Request Alaska Club
Requesting Alaska Club

kcevans 10-18-2006 18:35

Requesting Tennessee Club

tstrenuous10 01-15-2007 15:37

Requesting Nevada Club. Name undecided

blinddog 02-28-2007 14:42

Kansas Club
Requesting a Kansas Redleg Club

TattooedGlock 04-06-2007 15:23

Requesting Smith and Wesson forum in The Clubhouse

Mark 19 05-26-2008 08:12

Follow my signature line link to be the 44th of 50 needed votes for a New Mexico forum.

The Legend 07-06-2008 15:04

We have over 50 members now for the Glock Cleaning forum.

When will it start up?

Mark 19 08-02-2008 17:53

New Mexico Land of Enchantment just reach 50 votes, FYI.

Rabe 08-07-2008 15:37

Hawaii glock club
Can I request a Hawaii glock club

hrivera007 08-11-2008 17:36


Originally Posted by Rabe (Post 11023134)
Can I request a Hawaii glock club

Count me in.

VAshooter 01-29-2009 16:05

We need our Old Dominion section back.

mg1cigar 04-20-2009 20:27

Requesting Carolina Club
Requesting to join or information on how to join the Carolina Club.


cowboywannabe 07-21-2013 14:42

dag gone, I was really looking for the Georgia club so I could complain about something today......

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