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Cali-Glock 09-07-2004 12:18

Signed "Treason" - Ann Coulter arrived

This spring I had a conversation with a lobbyist friend in Washington DC that my wife was a big Ann Coulter fan. He had just had Ann Coulter as a keynote speaker at a function he hosted, and casually said he would try to get a signed copy of Ann's book for my wife. I thought he was kidding.

The UPS guy just walked in and handed me a package. Hmm I wondered, what could B.R. be sending me? Opened it up and sure enough a signed copy of Treason, personalized to my wife! ;P

My friend enclosed a note


Sorry it took so long! Hope Laurie likes it. (Actually I really hope she comes to her sense and hates it.)


Oh yeah, my friend is a liberal - but a heck of a lobbyist - ironically his base is probably mostly conservative. Thanks to this guy I am 99.999% sure Tom Delay will never forget me (favorably - thankfully - but that is another story!)
;f ;f Boy is my wife going to be suprised when I get home tonight!

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