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Eddie C. 09-25-2004 18:30

Kahr Barrel Recall Notice!!!
My dealer received this today and I thought I'd share it with you.



Dear Kahr Arms Customer,

Kahr's PM9 is one of our most reliable products for the concealed carry market. Nevertheless, in Kahr's pursuit towards continuous improvement, we are calling for the return of certain PM9 barrels for even greater reliability and safety.

Kahr Arms is asking all Kahr customers to return the barrels only from certain serial numbers of the Kahr PM9 3" barrel polymer frame 9mm pistols in order to repair or replace barrels that were found to not properly feed some brands of hollow point ammunition, which under certain circumstances may be unsafe for the user.

If you possess a Kahr PM9 3" barrel model within the range of the serial numbers noted below, please return the barrel only with a tag indicating the serial number of the gun. Barrels received will be repaired or replaced and shipped back within 7 business days. Please return the barrel and your name and address to:

Karh Arms
130 Goddard Memorial Drive
Worchester, MA 01603

Thank you for cooperating with us in our pursuit of continuous improvement. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you.
If you have any questions or comments regarding this notice, please do not hesitate to contact David Konn, Director of Dealer Development at (561)656-1288.

Frank Harris

VP, Sales and Marketing

Models involved: PM9093A, PM9093NA, 9094A, PM9094NA

Serial number ranges: VA0003--VA9999, VB0004--VB0999

Eddie C.

Dandapani 09-25-2004 20:32

Thanks. Been there, done that. Barrel recalled, repaired and returned long back. Use the SEARCH link.

Eddie C. 09-27-2004 08:03


Originally posted by dmobrien2001
Thanks. Been there, done that. Barrel recalled, repaired and returned long back. Use the SEARCH link.

No problem, thanks Dan. I just wanted to be sure people saw it. I don't own a Kahr, I wanted anyone here that carries one to be aware of the recall. My dealer gave me the notice the other day. I'll leave it up for a bit then let it go. If I forget and leave it up too long, let me know and I will release it.

Eddie C.

Dandapani 09-27-2004 09:33


Originally posted by Eddie C.
I'll leave it up for a bit then let it go. If I forget and leave it up too long, let me know and I will release it.

Eddie C.

Sorry, Eddie, didn't realize you posted this a general warning. It can be left stickied. The other thread has gotten lost in the shuffle. New owners will see your post and can follow the link to the discussion. Thanks for looking out for us!

jmsfmtex 10-07-2004 10:31

I was wondering if the problem is just with feeding certain types of ammo or a danger when fireing? If it is just with certain types of ammo and I have not had the problem why should I have to have it repaired or replaced? I fluffed and buffed the barrel when I first purchased it and do not see any sharp edges on or near the feed ramp. And I agree that if the barrel needs replacing they should just send out new barrels. I just got mine back from having a sight fixed and do not care to send it in again.

Colorado Fatboy 10-07-2004 19:10

FWIW, myself and others with guns in the recall range have decided not to have our barrels fixed. The recall is only for feeding problems.

I'll stick with what I have said from the first time I heard of this recall. "If it ain't broke don't fix it!"

jmsfmtex 10-08-2004 12:13

I am in total agreement. Tks

pbass 10-08-2004 17:20

I shipped it out the afternoon of 9/24 Priority Mail Insured with Delivery Confirmation along with the slide (bought the Trijicon front and Novak tritium rear w/installation and zeroing, processing was concurrent and what the heck, they need the barrel anyway for this). Came back this afternoon 10/8 via FedEx priority overnight. Two weeks round trip works for me.

About sending 'em back--Corbon 115 +P JHPs were hanging up on the feed ramp after the first shot with a topped-off mag if I didn't slap that mag home (if I pressed it home gently, I think the round crept forward a tad in the mag lips, precipitating the hangup). Now if it had been my habit to slap 'em home I'd never have known there was a problem until some day when I didn't. Or my wife didn't. Not good! Or had I been shooting another kind of JHP with a different profile I'd never have known.

When MS offers an XP patch, I install it. So I know for sure that even if I hadn't gotten a hangup, I'd have sent it back. Things are pretty serious when a small company like Kahr is going out of their way to do all that work free and springs for all that shipping. Not that Colt ever recalled any Commander to throat it (haven't bought one of those since the late 70s, and guess why), but how many of those are they selling these days compared to Kahrs?

Now about the ramp, I clean every new gun before shooting it, and as I cleaned my PM9 I was squinting skeptically at the ramp. It looked like some kid with a Dremel had polished it with a rubber cone, all random swirlies. When I got my new or fixed barrel back, the ramp was pro-level slick and there was a new softness to the chamber/ramp transition.

I won't know how it shoots 'til later, possibly not 'til the local IDPA compact match on the 23rd, but considering it was darned close to being OK, I think it'll finally do. Anyway what's two weeks out of the life of the gun spent getting it street-reliable? My two cents.

10-10-2004 13:27

Thanks for the sticky note on this. I don't come around too often, and this was the first I had heard of the recall. I haven't shot a large variety of ammo through mine, and it's worked fine, though it's always been a little stiff chambering the first round from a magazine.

I figure if Kahr thinks it's important enough to pay the money for shop time and shipping, who am I to argue. In fact, I'm glad they care enough to want their guns to feed any round you might buy. I shipped out my barrel yesterday.


actnup2 10-13-2004 15:59

I wanted to say Thank you for posting this recall notice. I sent my barrell off to Kahr last Thursday. I am waiting for a return package. I will post when I receive my package. I am optimistic about the CS at Kahr.

sailfish 11-26-2004 07:46

Sent mine back two weeks ago and had it promptly serviced and returned. Looks like they polished up the feed ramp and removed some edges.

The only problem I had with the PM9 was an occasional failure of the slide to go into full battery, usually with the last round of the mag. I would have to thumb the slide forward about 1/8". The problem became less frequent as I broke it in. I've read on the other Kahr site that this was a common issue, so I'm curious if the recall had anything to do with it.

txgolfer45 12-13-2004 19:27

I guess my barrel needs to go back for the recall. It is a VA3XXX PM9.



CROTA 01-28-2005 12:17

My P9 is not listed on the recall. However, I have the exact symptons described, especially when I use the Corbon 115 + P's. I spoke with Kahr and they said send it back, no questions asked.

So, off it goes. Thx for the detaied info.:)

ScoPro 03-17-2005 15:44

My PM9 is #VA11xx, but it only had 1 FTF in 500 rounds early on. Guess I'll skip the recall.

Can hardly wait for the P45.

hi50phd 06-06-2005 20:05

Called Kahr....
when I read the page on their site. Complained about "feeling" the slide go into battery as with a weakened spring. Since this was my 2nd replacement after only 1500 rounds, I was set to complain.

The customer service person indicated that Kahr had redesigned the recoil spring set and sent me an example of the new set, gratis.

Now that I know the spring is fixed, I need to send my barrel in for "r or r". Good news and bad.

pbass 06-08-2005 04:01

Was that just spring(s) or the guide rod too?

hi50phd 06-08-2005 04:25

Kahr sent two new pieces, the spring and spring-over guide rod. And, they're very stiff. I had some concerns about whether the new parts might be too stiff, but they functioned well over 50 rounds.

hakuin 10-10-2006 22:43

Glad this sticky was here...just bought an old PM9 #VA3xxx and due to this info, barrel went out today. I did take a moment to check with KAI customer svc to assure the recall wasn't already done to my new (old) gun first, though.

texagun 10-21-2006 06:50

Many thanks for this post. I am heading out to the gun show today to buy a PM9 and thought I'd check the "Kahr" board before I left. Glad I saw this...I will avoid those serial numbers.
Ain't the internet GREAT??:supergrin:

Kaiser Soze 10-26-2006 05:34

Awww crap...
I just got me a PM9 a few weeks ago but forgot to check it out serial is VA47XX so I'm within the recall...the gun shot Cor-Bon's ok so far...the thing that pisses me off is that I can't send my barrel back even if it was malfunctioning since I'm in the Philippines and shipping firearms parts to and from the US is illegal!!!

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