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fnfalman 11-05-2004 09:52

Just finished Turtledove's Day of Infamy
It was a good read. Didn't quite wow me like some of his other works, but still a very good alternative take on the beginning of WWII between Japan and America. In this book, the premise was that the Japanese landed and took Hawaii, and that American GI POWs are suffering the equivalence of the Bataan Death March on Hawaii.

Glenn E. Meyer 11-27-2004 18:34

Didn't want to spend the money as I've found his latest series to be a touch boring and ENDLESS.

My uncle was a pilot and at Pearl Harbour. He told me that after the raid, he was issued a Springfield '03 in cosmoline and a bandolier of ammo. They were going to take to the hills after the invasion. Cleaning the gun was a ***** esp. when you are waiting for landing craft.

repooc 11-29-2004 19:16

I read "Guns of the South" a couple of years ago but can't seem to get into any of his other books. Alternative History is an interesting concept.

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