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matt3310 11-07-2004 22:41

Prayers needed!!!!!!!!!!
Today a very good friend of mine was killed while we were out riding. He low sided in a curve and hit a tree. It killed him instantly. he was only 20 years old. Please pray for his family and friends!!!
Ride safe!

lonewolf28152 11-07-2004 23:25

Prayer said.

Researcher 11-08-2004 12:05

RIP, prayers sent.
Be careful out there guys.

TMK 11-08-2004 13:10

Very sad :( Condolences to the family!!

Been riding 26 years and every ride I remind myself to be sorry to hear about your friend!

Regards, Ted

WERA49 11-08-2004 17:11


xrated 11-09-2004 17:37


matt3310 11-10-2004 22:54

Thanks guys, today was the funeral. There were about 400 people there. Yesterday was amazing. We had a ride in his honor. We called all his friends that ride to show up at 6:00 at our honda shop. We had stickers made in honor of him and placed them on our bikes. We had 75 bikes show up and we all drove to the funeral home for the visitation.
It was so overwhelming to see that many people come out for him. We drove to the funeral home and his family was overcome to see all the support! It was a lot of trouble getting this organized in such a small timeframe, but it was worth it to see his family so happy at such a bad time!!!

MikeG22 11-11-2004 09:37

Prayers sent. Always sad to to see riders go down.

ArmyCop 11-12-2004 08:59

Oh Man! That's so tragic! So sorry for loss to family & friends.

Prayers for all.... God Bless.

micah 11-12-2004 19:58

Prayer sent.

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