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SA315B 11-29-2004 15:46

Carry purse
Looking for a carry purse for a friend, any recommendations?

MrsKitty 11-29-2004 21:11

Sadly, I have been unable to find one for a reasonable price. I have resorted to carrying in a GOOD holster in my purse in a way I can draw fast...or carrying in a Vera Bradley-type purse a friend made with a special pocket for my gun.

I have looked at some $400 models online that didn't look like I would like them any better. I can buy a new gun for that ;Q

In an earlier thread, we womens listed what qualities/traits we wanted in a carry purse. We came to the conclusion that there would be a pretty good demand if we were to start making what we wanted.

reinbeau 11-30-2004 19:11

Good demand at a reasonable price! I don't imagine they sell many of the $400 purses, but then again I may be wrong. I need to get a small enough gun to carry, I'm not going to carry my G23 around, it's too big. Hubby wants me carrying when I go into Boston, and I won't do it until I have a small enough gun (and a good purse!). My problem is I'm not supposed to have a gun at work, I leave work to go into town, so it's got to be on me. Needs to be small and secured in a good carry purse. I'm still looking.....

MrsKitty 11-30-2004 21:16

G23 is what I carry ;)

reinbeau 12-01-2004 03:36


Originally posted by misskitty5077
G23 is what I carry ;)
But, Miss Kitty, aren't you a police officer (or am I thinking of someone else?) The G23 is too large for my purposes, I'm not supposed to have my gun on me at work, but to go into Boston after work, I need to have it on me (I won't leave it in my truck, especially not here in MA). So I need something smaller.

beemerphile 12-01-2004 05:07

Gloria Lemaster. My wife has one for her G19 and I understand that it is what Miami Vice ladies carry. Very discreet pistol enclosure, yet fast to access. The strap has a metal cable inside it so a BG can't purse snatch it without clotheslining himself. - Lee

Glockgirl26 12-01-2004 10:25

Action direct carries some purses made for concealed carry that aren't too pricey, and that could accomodate a G23 or 19 easily. If you want something smaller, try the G26. I love mine!

MrsKitty 12-02-2004 00:51


Originally posted by reinbeau
But, Miss Kitty, aren't you a police officer (or am I thinking of someone else?)
No, I am not a LEO. I wouldn't last a week doing that before I smacked somebody into next week :( :( :( Other than that, I would enjoy the profession. I have several degrees in criminal justice so you might have got the idea from that?

I just moved up to a slightly larger purse. It is a medium size so it is plenty big enough without being too big.

Have you ever thought about "day planner" carry? A lot of people are against it but I have carried that way in places before and never gotten a second look. Sometimes it is the best option. For example, you can drop a day planner down into you briefcase or backpack and nobody will give it a second look.

FoxyC 12-02-2004 14:40

I have a hard carrying on body because of work. So I too am forced carry in purse the majority of the time. When I can, I carry a Kel-Tel on my ankle. Which I don't really like to do because of the slow reaction time I know I would have. I can't carry on my hip because of the type of work I do, very physical, a lot of bending over, moving parts, etc....

I carry a G19 w/15+2 mag in a Galco carry purse. I really like it. I think my bf paid around $200.00 for it last Christmas. I picked the Galco because it seemed to have the best grade of leather for the price. Most others were $150.00 - $300.00, they looked and felt cheap. I can fit everything I need into it and still have easy access to my gun.

I think Galco actually designed them for revolvers, but the G19 fits nicely. It took some getting used to with the extra weight on my shoulder, but as they's not supposed to be comfortable, it's supposed to be comforting .....when you carry. ;)

Which ever purse you decide on just be sure the straps are nice and thick, you don't want the BG to cut your purse straps and get away with your purse AND your gun.

If you want I can post some pics of the purse with a G19 and a G23 for you to see.

reinbeau 12-02-2004 19:02

Yes, Foxy, thanx, that would be great if you posted some pics :)

Jaegergirl 12-02-2004 19:40

the problem i've found when looking for carry purses is a. the prices.. too dang expensive and b. they look like carry purses (have that telltale zipper). i remember someone mentioning on here a while back that he bought his wife a leather purse from a department store that looked just like one of the carry purses but it was a fraction of the price. i've looked on and have found some i think could work. heck, i was in walmart on monday and found on that would work as well.

that's probably the route i will go.


FoxyC 12-02-2004 21:26


Originally posted by reinbeau
Yes, Foxy, thanx, that would be great if you posted some pics :)
This friggin camera devours batteries!!!!!!!

I'll get ya a couple pics posted tomorrow. As soon as I swipe some batteries from work.

hawk0484 12-03-2004 19:36

I have a discontinued Coronado purse that I like pretty well. The only problem I have with it is one I would have with any shoulder bag: after a while my shoulder starts hurting.

What I ended up doing recently was buying a purse at a department store (~$50) that has a middle zipper compartment that opens from the top. I put my gun in it and the remainder of my junk in the other compartments. It has 2 short straps that I can carry and a detachable shoulder strap.

Amelia 12-07-2004 13:02

I admit i rarely use purse carry, but for those times i haven't another better choice, I have a coronado leather concealment purse. It's great and no zippers. But, not cheap, for sure. :o)


beachside39 12-07-2004 13:26

My wife carrys an "American Hobo" purse from

This is one of five products I've purchased from them. It's a great design. Unfortunately, I have to report some quality issues. Stitching in her purse and my Dakota briefcase have pulled out. They offered to restitch it free if returned within one year. Otherwise they charge a fee for the repair.

Also, the color on her purse has worn and faded much sooner than expected. When reported, the seller didn't offer any assistance with this problem.

DeputyDavid 12-07-2004 19:29

I hate to throw a wet rag on the thread here, but I do not recommend carrying your gun in a purse for the following reasons:

1.) Statistically you stand a much greater chance of getting your purse snatched than getting mugged, raped, etc.
2.) You probably don't always carry your purse with you.
3.) The draw stroke tends to be somewhat slow.

Also, bad guys have been known to use your purse straps to fling you down to the ground before they abscond with the purse.

I believe that that the best bet is too find a carry method on your body that you can feel comfortable with and stick with it.

Amelia 12-08-2004 14:02

Thanks Deputy for the reminder.

Most carry-savvy women know this, but we also have to carry within the social and clothing "rules" that are thrust upon us by jobs, family, culture, etc. So, for some, it's the only option, and for others, it's the only option in some situations.

The reality is that some cannot find an on-body carry option that will work. Thus, purse carry has to be considered. Of course, your warnings are important and should be heeded and remembered.

It's always good to be well informed before making our choices, though, isn't it!


FoxyC 12-08-2004 14:38

1 Attachment(s)
I hope you can open these...

The other thing I think I forgot to mention about the Galco is the fact that the gun compartment locks. The only time I use this option is when I visit friends. I lock the purse when I get inside and keep the key in my pocket until it's time to go.

I agree with the deputy about carrying off body, there are definate disadvantages, but we can't always carry the way the guys do. I have adjusted the way I dress considerably and still have a hard time carrying on my hip. I've also tried the thunder ware route and that is just plain awful. I couldn't sit down and looked like I was happy to see everyone. That look just dosen't work for women. ;f

FoxyC 12-08-2004 14:39

1 Attachment(s)
and another

FoxyC 12-08-2004 14:40

1 Attachment(s)
and last one.

Sorry for all the posts but I don't know how to copy and paste into the message field. I'll look it up later.

Amelia 12-08-2004 14:45

Thanks for the pics and the info, FoxyC! :o)

Kolchak 12-08-2004 15:07

I have to say that I was quite amazed at how well my SmartCarry holster works. It is probably partly due to the fact that I am carrying a 2" barrel airweight S&W revolver.

However, it is better to be carrying an itty bitty gun than no gun at all due to wardrobe constraints.

reinbeau 12-08-2004 18:40

Thanx, Foxy, those pics were helpful. I can't carry around the office, which is my whole point. I won't leave it in my truck, so I want a purse to carry it with; I can lock my purse in my drawer while I'm in work. Those are nice looking purses, but they cost the earth! Oh well, I'll just have to pony up the money.;g Or should I say bite the bullet?? ;f ;a ;f

FoxyC 12-08-2004 19:21


I know it's tough shelling out that much cash for a purse, but I have to say it was worth every penny. And when this one finally wears out I'll buy another one. It has held up very well. I carry it every single day to work, it hasn't faded, the stitching looks great, the holster is still in excellent shape, etc......

I know I sound like I work for Galco, maybe if I keep it up they will send me some samples. ;f ;f ;f

FoxyC 12-08-2004 19:25


Originally posted by Kolchak

However, it is better to be carrying an itty bitty gun than no gun at all due to wardrobe constraints. [/B]

I agree.

I am going to get the smart carry for my Kel-Tec. I'm sure that will be MUCH more comforatable than packing a 9 on my belly.

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