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Navy87Guy 12-15-2004 18:10

Complete Glock Reference Guide
Has anyone used/seen the Complete Glock Reference Guide? It's available through I'm looking for a good, overall reference on maintaining my G17? Any feedback (or alternate suggestions) are welcome!


johnniekirk 12-21-2004 22:52

Just picked up a copy from my step-father on Sunday.
I believe this would be a good refrence manual for the new Glock shooter.
For the long time Glock shooter, he could probably get by without it.
It has excellent assembly and disassembly photographs.
It also has the best pictures I've seen, on doing the .25 trigger job.
The thing I did'nt like was their own Glock "torture test". A total waste of about 38 pages.
Hope this helps.

Navy87Guy 12-22-2004 15:36

Thanks for the feedback. I think I'll keep an eye open for it. I'm new to Glocks, so every little bit helps!

Have a great holiday!

johnniekirk 12-22-2004 16:08

Hop on over to They have a copy of the armorers manual,over there.

Navy87Guy 12-22-2004 16:28

Very cool...thanks for the tip!

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