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mossy500camo 12-20-2004 19:26

Problems Snoring.
I have a problem snorning.;J Enough to walk myself up during a good nights sleep.:( Any wonder drugs or reamdies? What helps you or you better half?;J

walangkatapat 12-21-2004 12:07

I heard breath rite may work.

kels 12-21-2004 12:57

You need to see a GOOD eye nose and ear doctor NOW.
If you are waking yourself up, you may have sleep apnea.
This is not a good thing.

Gambino 12-22-2004 20:29

That is correct, sleep apnea can be very dangerous. A person will actually stop breathing and then subconciously wake yourself up. Snoring is a sympton. Sleep apnea is treated with a cpap machine or in some cases surgery. I have it and use the cpap machine.

I was tired all the time and would go to sleep any time i got still.

walangkatapat 02-13-2005 15:42

Finally got around to trying Breathe Right. Breathe right does help me get a better nights sleep, no doubt, but for the snoring problem no family members have yet chimed in.

PhiKappaTauOx 02-14-2005 22:34

as the others have said, sleep apnea is not good. in fact, it can be deadly. reggie white (the football player) died from sleep apnea. i know some older people who have to sleep with oxygen masks on b/c their sleep apnea is so bad.

definately need to see a doc if you think you might have this.

Cinic 02-14-2005 23:44

Many problems with snoring are due to being overweight. Obviously I don't know your situation, but could you stand to lose a couple pounds?

My dad has snored since I can remember and he's always been a very large man. Now, as he's getting a bit older, he's having troubles with sleep apnea...amongst all the other problems his weight is beginning to cause.

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