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fireguy129 04-12-2005 07:52

Where does your funding come from?
Just curious how other departments gain funds. We mostly have to do fundraisers, but that barely cuts the mustard. We get less than $20k from the township, but after building expenses, insurance and utilities, that barely gets by. Don't forget about the apparatus payments on a 75' quint and a pumper.
Does your area budget you money from the general fund or by the application of a fire tax?

ClydeG19 04-12-2005 13:00

We got several large local businesses and municipalities to write us in as a line item in their budget every year. We do the normal applying for grants and getting relief association $. We do a chicken bbq and 7 or 8 dinners throughout the year to cover the rest of our operating budget. Capital improvements (building upgrades and repairs and new apparatus) are paid for through a trust fund set up for us by a local Dr about 20 years ago.

Tvov 04-12-2005 16:11

We own our building, so the town pays "rent" to us to store "their" fire engines. We basically "agree" to operate/staff the trucks and respond to fire calls. We also have another budget to cover operating expenses, fire gear, equipment, etc.

We don't have a fire tax, we are in the general fund.

To buy new trucks, our town has accounts that they put roughly $50,000 a year into. That can be adjusted up or down depending on how long till we estimate we need to replace a truck. When a truck comes "due" to be replaced, hopefully the money is already in the account to cover the cost of a new one. Sometimes it has to be supplemented, but usually not by too much. This is a remarkably intelligent way to buy trucks, and has been in our town budget for decades, so there is usually no problems come budget time.

We have a BIG dance every fall for our own budget to cover everything else.

fireguy129 04-13-2005 07:02

Very nice guys, Im glad to hear you're doing well. We looked into the dinner fund drives, mostly roast beef and ham dinners. We usually do fairly well, but based on the size of our building, and the fact that tickets are getting harder to sell, we usually clear $1200 to $1300 on a good night. Not bad, but its quite a bit of work for the few of us that actually cook and slice the beef.
We end up purchasing our own equipment, maintaining the building ourselves, etc. More or less, everything that needs to be done, we pay for.
Trov, was the town always putting money in the budget for you or was that something recently started. If you have any background on it, id love to hear it. Email should be in my profile or pm me here.
Thanks guys!!

Tvov 04-13-2005 18:52

I'll have to ask some of the guys about how long our budget with the town has been going on. I've been in 9 years now (christ, time flies), and I believe it has been that way since at least the '70s, probably before.

CRider 04-19-2005 18:05

Small vol co in a fairly rural area. Some funding comes from taxes in the boro and townships we protect, but the majority is from fund raisers. We do about 8 fishfry's a year and net about $1000-1500 each (selling about 300-400 tickets for each). We have a carnival each summer, but the turnout for that seems to be less & less each year, we have considered dropping it for something else. We have a few raffles during the year like a gun raffle that we're currently doing. We do get fireman's relief monies (I think from the state?) that covers some of our costs in gear and can be used to cover protective equipment and even parts of new equipment (covered part of the cab of the rescue we purchased a few years ago). The rest is paid out of funds we raised or received through taxes.

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